We had the opportunity of helping out one of the top peeps driving the wellness world who also happens to be a mama too! Meet Amanda Baudier (originally from Annapolis, MD), VP of Press & Partnerships at Sakara Life. Amanda took time from her super busy schedule to tell us all about what it’s like to be a Boss Mom and how Little Spoon helps her rock it out in mommyhood and the business world. She also generously shared a code just for our Little Spoon Family – read more below!

Tell us about yourself.

After graduating from Columbia University, I started my career in hospitality with Strategic Group, now known as Tao Group. I got to help grow that business from basically a start-up to an internationally renowned hospitality powerhouse and am incredibly proud of the work I did there and my amazing former colleagues. Due to the high stress and late nights of that job however, I began gravitating towards health and wellness and it soon became my passion. In 2012, I completed my first 200 Hour Yoga Certification at Yoga Vida and became a certified Holistic Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, all while working full time. It took me a few more years – and a pregnancy – to make wellness my full-time gig, but I am now incredibly excited to work at Sakara, a wellness lifestyle brand rooted in Food as Medicine. Everyday I get to help people make healthy choices and improve the quality of their lives with a brand that is both scientifically-rigorous and fun/sexy. I often pinch myself that this is now my life!

I absolutely love being a working mom! It is challenging and intense but also incredibly rewarding. I’m really grateful that I developed a lot of self care tools in my 20s that help me stay balanced now. Though I don’t have time to teach yoga part time like I used to pre-pregnancy, I meditate every day, eat a plant-based diet, sleep at least 7 hours per night (now that Drew is sleeping through the night!), and practice yoga at least 4 days a week. Keeping up with my self care has been essential in feeling balanced while maintaining a career and motherhood. The other piece is my incredibly supportive husband, Paul. While I was nursing, I definitely did more of the parenting because I had to, but now we are truly equal partners. He picks up Drew from daycare so I can work late or drops him off so I can squeeze in a workout. I love to talk to newer moms and offer them support and encouragement. Becoming a mom means you become part of the most magical tribe of superhero women, and I’m always in awe of other moms because I know what they are going through. I should also mention that Sakara is run by incredibly driven working moms. We work hard and mom hard. We prioritize our careers, but unplug when it’s time to be with family. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a company that allows me to be my best self at work and at home.

When do you typically wake up? What’s your morning routine? 

The early morning is my “me time”. I wake up at 6am, meditate for 20 minutes, then – on a good day – do a yoga class on YogaGlo. Even though I am trained as a yoga teacher, I love this app so I can try out different teachers and mix it up. I am not always 100% consistent with exercising, but my 20 minute meditation is a non-negotiable. I am currently using Insight Timer but was a big HeadSpace fan when I was newer to meditation and needed the guidance.

The first thing I drink daily is a full glass of water with Sakara’s Beauty Water concentrate. I am a coffee drinker, but I tell myself it’s ok to caffeinate so long as I hydrate with remineralized water first. I am currently using a mix of Beautycounter and Tata Harper beauty products. I switched to “clean beauty” when I was pregnant and haven’t gone back. I especially love Beautycounter’s Face Oil #1 with Vitamin C for my dry skin. By this time, my son is normally up, and it’s time to rush through his breakfast and getting out the door. Having Little Spoon is clutch because there is never time to cook/prep food before we have to get out the door for daycare and work.

If there’s a workout you love, when and where do you do it? Why do you love it?

Before I had my son, I was practicing yoga in a studio almost daily at either Yoga Vida – where I was also a part-time teacher, Yoga Shanti or Jivamukti. My schedule is too hectic to get to classes often these days, so I love to do yoga in my home or a workout with my friend + fitness guru Melissa Wood. Convenience is #1 for me in all aspects of my life so following a studio’s class schedule and wasting time commuting to and from just doesn’t cut it. I love yoga because it is a workout and stress reliever in one (are you seeing a theme here)?

As a full time boss-babe exec and a full time mom, what are your favorite meal-time hacks to make nourishing yourself and your family easier? 

Because I am SO busy, I love getting everything I can delivered: FreshDirect, Thrive Market, Amazon Prime, Sakara + Little Spoon all make this super easy with automated weekly ordering options. I do love popping over to the Fort Greene Farmer’s Market when I can, but I keep our fridge and pantry full with all my delivery services! In addition, I spend Sunday evenings doing “ingredient prep” rather than meal prep. I’ll roast some brussels sprouts, bake sweet potato fries, boil some whole wheat pasta, and steam some peas. During the week I’ll take 2-3 of them and combine them into something that passes for a complete meal. And when all else fails = avocado toast!!

Any musts when it comes to your evening ritual? 

Evenings are slightly less rushed than mornings, but I still automate the process all the way. I use FreshDirect and Amazon Prime for grocery/pantry staples and love having Sakara meals for myself when my husband is working late. Drew needs something to eat immediately, so while I am making dinner, I’ll give him a Little Spoon blend and let him go to town. He’s old enough now to feed himself without making a huge mess! My husband and I try to put our phones all the way away for the couple of hours we have together before Drew goes to sleep. He is talking a ton now, and I love to hear all the funny and curious little thoughts that pop into his head. He won’t be little much longer so I truly cherish these moments we have as a family. Bedtime with a toddler can be a lengthy endeavor, but as soon as he passes out I’ll do a quick email check and then read the news. I love to stay informed – particularly about health and wellness – so I’ll scan the New York Times, Well + Good, MindBodyGreen, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and any other publications that have a headline that catches my eye. I am almost always asleep by 10 and I swear it’s my secret sauce. I haven’t watched TV or movies since my maternity leave and occasionally miss the old days of Netflix binges on the couch, but I can’t sacrifice my sleep. In my 20s I often went with 4-5 hours of sleep a night for days but as I’ve gotten older, I care much more about my well-being to be sleep deprived. It ages you, stresses you out, and makes you less present during your waking hours. I want to be an amazing mom, colleague and human so I prioritize sleep over almost anything else.

Big spoon or little?

Both! I love snuggling with my little guy and many nights my husband, son and I all end up sleeping together. I know eventually we will want him out of our bed but for now I am savoring the precious moments cuddled up with both my little and big spoon :).

Favorite Little Spoon blend:

I love the Pitaya Pineapple Spinach Banana Coconut Oil blend and so does Drew! It’s really tough getting him to eat anything green, so sneaking spinach into this tasty blend is clutch.

Favorite Sakara meal:

The Indian Spiced Samosas with sweet and spicy chutney! The samosa filling is hearty and filling and the chutney dressing is my favorite thing ever! I wish we sold it by the bottle.

What’s the scoop with the Sakara Life promo code?

Use the code REF_LITTLESPOON15 at checkout for 15% off the first organic meal delivery program OR a 10-Day Reset Kit!

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