Parenting is no joke.

Until now.

Parenting books never
prepared us for this.

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A game you might actually finish before a kid wakes up.

The rules to this game are easy. One player asks a question from a blue card, and everyone answers with their funniest white card. The fun comes when your friends combine Q&A cards to create hilarious, embarrassing and often inappropriate combos...kind of like having a toddler.

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The Game Maker

Little Spoon is on a mission to make parents’ lives easier by delivering fresh, organic baby food and nutrient-packed toddler & kid meals right to your door. So why a card game? To TRULY make life easier, we believe we have to change the misperceptions of parenting in culture. It’s why we created the community platform, Is This Normal, and why we’re bringing you this very adult humor stack of cards. We can’t wait for you to play.

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Want to know if whatever you’re going through is "normal"?

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Want to know if whatever you’re going through is “normal”?

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