10 Time-Saving Baby Products

We rounded up our top 10 hacks and time saving baby products for first-time parents. Grab the list and get ready to fill your Amazon cart.

We’re pretty sure that ‘free time’ doesn’t exist when you become a parent. If you’re looking for some time-saving hacks to get back a few minutes (or even seconds) in your day, we’re with you. That’s why we asked our community to share their favorite time-saving baby products with us. Here it goes: 

Little Spoon 

Say goodbye to dirty dishes, fights at mealtime and picky eaters, and hello to 100% clean, fresh, healthy and nutritious meal and snacktime delivered to your door. Meal prep will take you under 5 minutes and there are meal and snack options for every age and stage (from baby’s first bites to big kid years). Time-saving without having to compromise on quality at its finest.

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Despite the hefty price tag, parents swear up and down by this product and have declared that it is the ultimate hack to getting your newborn to sleep through the night.  I mean a self-rocking bassinet that has a built-in sound machine?! Say less. 

Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sac

Not willing to shell out the cash for a SNOO? No worries, tons of parents adore this Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sac. This is the secret sauce to a good night’s sleep for both you and baby. 

Frida Baby Nail Clippers 

If you know, you know…Let’s face it, we’ve all sat in balls of stress for hours trying not to clip our babe’s fingers off. Frida’s Snipper Clipper Set makes it so easy you’ll be done in MAX 15 minutes. 

Butt Spatula

Diaper rash is fun for absolutely no one. Get a clean butt cream application for you + baby with this butt spatula. Plus, you get to say the words ‘butt spatula’ so this feels like a universal win.  

A Nespresso Machine 

Need we say more? Stay caffeinated, friends. 

Bottle Drying Rack

When you’re feeding your babe, bottles are in *heavy* rotation. To make sure that they’re staying clean and dry, we recommend using this Oxo Tot Space-Saving Drying Rack.

Haakaa Breast Pump 

This silicone breast pump uses suction to pump breast milk and is both hands-free and non-electric. Time to start multitasking with the best of ‘em. 

An extra mattress cover

Listen carefully while we provide you with some serious words of wisdom: Layer your crib with an extra sheet under your mattress protector so that when a diaper blowout or puke episode inevitably happens, you can simply strip a layer without having to make the bed again…You’re welcome.

A Clone of Yourself

LOL we kid, we kid. But seriously, some extra hands around the house is major key if you have access! 


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