10 Things We’re Thankful for in 2020, the Year of the Never-Ending Sh*tstorm

2020 has really thrown us for a loop and sometimes it can be hard to remember what we're grateful for. Here's an honest take on what I'm thankful for.

Ah, the holidays are upon us, and so begins the annual recitation of all that we are thankful for! We’ve always loved this time of year, when we have a chance to reflect on the blessings we’ve received and the challenges we’ve overcome. Plus, making your kids sit and write out what they’re thankful for is a great way to: one, keep them out of your hair for a spell, and two, make sure they stay humble. But you know what? 2020 has been just an unrelenting a-hole to so many of us. UNRELENTING. We know, what doesn’t kill us makes us strong (thanks, Kelly Clarkson). 

But good grief, it’s been hard to focus on the good this year, you know? For parents, especially. So we thought it would be helpful to share the things we’re thankful for this year as parents, with expectations appropriately lowered. 2020 has been a year of big, crappy moments. So we’re taking it real small and forcibly finding joy in the little things. The very, very little things. Join us?

Lounge wear 

It’s not just for lounging anymore! Well, we guess technically it is. But when your entire routine involves lounging at home every freaking day, then you know what? Your comfy sweats are an entire outfit. OOTD that ish. Throw some hashtags on it. Need to get dressed up? Whip out your fancy lounge wear (aka the ones without rips or stains).

Free streaming log-ins

Thank goodness for our friends and fam who play fast and loose with their streaming log-ins. Do we shell out money every month for HBO? LOL, no. But thanks to the generosity of my crew, I’m ALL IN on Lovecraft Country

The mute button on Zoom

That sweet, merciful button. It is twofold! We don’t have to listen to the kids in our kids’ classes on a regular basis, and my coworkers don’t hear when the kids ask for a snack in the middle of a company-wide call. Good stuff.

Noise cancelling headphones

If you don’t have them, invest in a good pair now. We’ll be honest, we walk around the house wearing them, not even plugged into anything. Just muffling the sweet sounds of kids who are ALWAYS HERE. 

The space and freedom to make questionable beauty choices

One of the upsides of being forced to stay home for an extended period of time is that you can grow out your eyebrows, let your roots transition into a natural balayage, or play with new hairstyles without having to answer any questions or walk around in a hat for three months. 

A built-in excuse to cancel plans

Sometimes, we’re the worst when it comes to follow-through. We will make plans and cancel them an hour before. But this year? THAT IS FINE AND GENERALLY SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. Nay, encouraged! For those of us who don’t like crowds or large gatherings or small talk at awkward dinner parties, 2020 was sort of a banner year.

The best time to potty train

For toddler parents: this was sort of the best year for potty training, no? Like, you didn’t have to worry about accidents in the aisles of Target or cleaning poop out of car seats because your kid didn’t have to go before you left the house but definitely had to go while you crawled your way through traffic on the way to the grocery store. 

Toilet paper 

That’s it. That’s the tweet. (Will never take you for granted again, TP.)

Living vicariously through social media

Thanks to all the social media accounts that did all of the quarantine things er ~wanted~ to do, but would never actually get around to doing. We appreciate the crop of brave people who decided that becoming a professional home baker was their thing, love that journey for them.


We’ve always been a big fan, but in 2020, it became the only way to actually see and talk to our friends and family. Thank you, FaceTime. Thank you, Zoom. Thank you, House Party. You kept us connected when we couldn’t do it in person. We might be sick of all the Zoom parties now but you’re the real MVP of 2020.

And in all seriousness, We’re thankful for all of you. For the parents all over the country who have weathered this storm right alongside each other. For the support from strangers, for the pep talks from other parents, for having someone to cry to while hiding in the bathroom. None of us were prepared for what 2020 threw our way, but somehow we managed to eek it out. No idea what 2021 will hold, but at least we know there will be fresh baked bread and an insane amount of bandwidth consumed, right? So tell us, friends: What are 3 things you’re thankful for?


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