The First Thousand Days Survival Kit For Parents

A baby’s nutrition during the first 1k days of life has a direct impact on his or her lifetime health & wellbeing.

  • Surviving the first 1000 days of baby
  • Moms chime in and share their stories

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. And while we all know you deserve much more than just one day of celebration for all you do, we’ll gladly take this opportunity to say YOU GO MAMA and give you the gift that keeps on giving – peace of mind and a wealth of information from a few Spooner’s who have done this once or twice before to  help you not only be the best mom, but also the best YOU, that you can be!

Did you know that a baby’s nutrition during the first 1k days of life has a direct impact on his or her lifetime health and wellbeing? Here at Little Spoon, we’re all about ensuring our little ones (and the super-humans who created them) get exactly what they need during this most formative time- so, we’ve teamed up with a few of our friends to ensure that you are FULLY covered this Mother’s Day!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a few of our fave tips, facts, tricks, facts and life-hacks to prepare you for whatever life tosses, vomits or chucks your way – We call it our First 1k Days Survival Kit and we hope it helps get you a few extra moments of sanity amidst your mama-mayhem.

We’ve got amazing tips and hacks in all the major categories of mom-health and wellbeing. Go check ‘em out below!:  


2.Clean (yet delicious) food

3.Clean skincare

4.Mental health + wellness

5.Physical health +  movement

6.Post-Baby Bedroom

Survival Kit Contents + tips, as told by real Little Spoon Mamas:

Physical Self-Care


“Try to treat yourself with as much care post-natal as you did pre-natal. I had a weekly massage during my pregnancy, but then post baby I didn’t make time for this ritual until I was super depleted.  If you can’t make the time for 60 minutes of real care, try for for manageable increments, like 15 or 30 minutes, but just try to get it in.”

Colleen Wachomb, @ColleenWachob Co-Founder + Chief Brand Officer @mindbodygreen


And thanks to @GetZEEL, you don’t even need to leave your home to get a full body pamper session. Just make sure someone else is home to watch the munchkins to get maximum benefit…

Clean Eats


”Increase Healthy fats! This is probably the hardest for moms-to-be and new moms because it seems counterintuitive. But it is really essential for many reasons. It’s vital to baby’s organ and brain development, YOUR metabolism, absorption of key nutrients like (A, D, E, and K), and future milk supply and quality of your milk. Women should focus on healthy sources like avocado, fish oils, eggs, olive/oil, coconut/oil, nuts, and full-fat dairy (no low-fat foods!).”

Stephanie Middleberg, MS,RD,CDN @middlebergnutrition


Our friends at @HuKitchen + @RINDsnacks are here to ensure you have the most nutrient packed (and tastiest) pick-me-up snacks available.

(Did we mention Cocao is loaded with healthy essential fats + Hu chocolate is made without ANY dairy, refined-sugars or fillers? Win/win)

Clean skincare


“Finding opportunities to feel like i’m still treating myself while raising a little one was essential for me- especially when it comes to my skin! So, my survival hack is to turn bath time into bath + Mommy facemask time, killing 2 birds with one stone while also looking like a fun scary monster!” – –Katya Libin, Co-Founder + CEO @HeyMamaCo


Our skin is our largest organ, which is why we love the high standards our friends at @CREDO Beauty uphold- they carefully examine EVERY ingredient so we don’t have to! Look good, fee better – we love it!

Mental health + wellness  


“The most challenging part of new motherhood for me was navigating my emotional and mental health. When I took a moment to close my eyes and check-in with myself every day, it kept me both grounded and grateful for this time in my life. So my biggest tip for the first 1K days of life, is turn towards yourself everyday. Whether it’s for a few seconds, minutes or an hour. Take time to see what’s happening inside of you so you can weed out what’s not serving you and amplify what is.”

-Anna Gannon, Community Lead @Expectful


Finding time for ourselves and our mental health is not always easy, so we love daily reminders to stop and smell the roses- or -the essential oils – Carrying this @21drops organic bad boy around does exactly that!

Physical health +  movement


“Move and have fun! A great sweat and a smile are all you need to lighten the mood when you’re tired, crabby and feel like all you do is take care of others (because you do!). A little me time is what obé orders!”

Ashley Mills, Co-Founder @obe_ourbodyelectric

Making it to a workout is often the first thing to get NIX’d on our to-do lists despite us knowing how good we’ll feel after. That’s why we’re so obsessed with @obe_ourbodyelectric’s Live-stream workout classes – offering the pick-me-up we need without leaving the living room.

Post-Baby Bedroom


“Schedule time to be a couple. Having kids is awesome, but between diaper changes, bottles, story times, bath times and activities, you and your partner might end up feeling more like coworkers. Scheduling a date once a week is a great way to slow down and remember who you are as a couple. ”  

Willy Anderson, Founder


Let’s face it, post-baby bedroom life isn’t nearly as glamorous as pre-baby- but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! We’re all about love – for ourselves, for our little ones and for our partner – and @thefantasybox makes it that much easier (and approachable) to bring a little magic back to the bedroom.

This is only a sampling of the many great responses we got from our spooner moms, go check out the whole Month of Mom listing on our Instagram highlight HERE: for more inspo!

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