How TF do I…sleep train my baby?

Sleep training? Sleep regression? Nap schedules? Finding your sleep routine? Why don’t babies get how great a good night’s sleep is?! Read our tips on how to sleep train your baby and maybe even get a little ZZZs time yourself.

Also known as: fussy sleeper, colic, sleep scheduling, sleep routine, losing our minds.

Regularity: Common…very common…PAINFULLY common.

Our advice: 

  • Stick to the schedule, whatever method you choose.
  • Crying is involved in sleep training (for both you and your baby) but the Ferber method is a fave amongst parents. 
  • When training, try not to pick them up– it’s part of the method. 
  • Sleep schedules and early bedtime are your friends.
  • Create a routine—everyone loves a little self-care time.

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