How TF Do I…deal with postpartum hair loss?

There are a lot of unexpecteds that come with having a baby and our least favorite is postpartum hair loss. We broke down what to know.

Also known as: hair loss in new moms, excessive hair shedding, hair loss after pregnancy, postpartum alopecia, WTF happened to my pregnancy supermodel hair?

Regularity: Super common. We bet you can find a few moms on the playground who are going through the same thing.

Our advice: 

  • Don’t freak out, it’s common. Caring for a newborn is hard enough, you don’t need extra stress.
  • Take care of yourself. We know this is a hard one but focus on fueling your body with healthy, protein-rich foods. 
  • As always, talk to your doc if you’re concerned or there are other symptoms involved.

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