3 Simple Tips for Selecting a School for Your Child

Ready to make a decisions on where your kiddo is going to go to school? Here are 3 easy tips from our friends at EarlyBird.

Admissions season is officially coming to an end – and you are finally tasked to make the biggest decision yet – choosing your school! EarlyBird Consulting is here to breakdown some points to consider as you navigate though this culminating and exciting part of the process. 

1. Time Travel Back to the Fall

It’s been some time, we know; but try to think back to all the tours, open houses and interviews you’ve attended. Look back at your notes from each school – what stuck out to you the most, and why? Which school gave you that feeling of warmth, comfortability, and belongingness?  Are there any outstanding questions you have that you need answered before making this big decision? Reflecting on your experiences from the fall will help guide your decision making process.

2. Stay Current and Chat With Other Families!

What better way to learn about a community you want to potentially join than to speak to a member of that community? This is the best, and in our opinion, the most authentic way to learn about the schools you’re considering. Be sure to ask for honest opinions and come up with specific questions that clarify certain points you’ve written on your pros and cons list. Get into the nitty gritty. Ask about their children’s happiness, what it feels like to be a member of the community, about parent-teacher communication, and about anything else you may be so inclined to learn more about.

3. Growth Spurt, Much? Reflect

Time has marched on since the fall, and so has your child! By now you’ve had at least one set of parent teacher conferences. Consider what you have learned from your child’s current teachers. Think about how your child has grown so far this year. What has worked for them in their classroom? What hasn’t? Has a certain teaching method resonated well with your child? Have they benefited from a specific type of instruction? Interpret your current school list against these insights, and ask yourself, “Which schools best align with who my child currently is?”

The decision is big, and it can feel very tricky. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate this admissions task alone. 

Looking for timely guidance and sound advice? EarlyBird is here for all of you early learning and admissions questions.


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