Our Top Articles of 2021

What were the hottest parenting topics of 2021? We rounded up our most-read articles from last year to find out.

Although we’re kinda convinced it’s still 2019, 2021 is somehow coming to a close and in commemoration of another *unforgettable* year, we’re looking back at our community’s top Is This Normal reads. 

  1. A Guide to Baby Food Stages and Beyond

We like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to feeding babies so we’re glad we were here to help so many parents on their feeding journey. Whether you’re just starting solids or are transitioning to table foods, we’ve broken down the stages of feeding for you. 

  1. “My partner is handsy, all the time.” 

It can be hard to navigate parenting and partnership, especially when your partner takes your it’s-been-a-long-day-hug as an invitation to cop a feel. That’s why our advice columnist shares her approach on communicating boundaries with your S.O. 

  1. Heavy Metals and Baby Food: What You Need to Know

In 2019, Healthy Babies Bright Futures came out with a report that showed dangerous levels of heavy metals in shelf-stable baby foods. We put a resource on heavy metals in baby food and what you can do to ensure your child’s safety.

  1. “I feel so guilty about dropping my child off at daycare.”

At this point, we’re pretty sure perpetual guilt is just a side effect of parenthood. If you’re struggling extra with the daycare dropoff, we have some words of wisdom for you.  

  1. 7 Healthy Snacks for Babies + Toddlers

With all the focus on mealtime, we often forget that our kiddos eat every two hours…That means that snack time rolls around just about every time you check the clock. Not to worry, we put together our favorite low-lift, healthy snack ideas for your babies + toddlers. 

  1. “I don’t know if I want to have a second child.”

Building a family looks different for everyone, so how do you know when (and if) you’re ready to add another child into the mix after baby number one? Our advice columnist shares her take on family planning and why a bit of indecision is okay.

  1. The 5 Types of Toddlers You Meet in Preschool 

Once you hit toddlerhood, your mini’s personality really starts to blossom. Whether you’re working with the Wallflower or the Overachiever, you’re bound to meet these types of toddlers in preschool.  

  1. I don’t want to spend the holidays with my in laws

No matter how amazing (or, erm, not so amazing) your in-laws are, navigating your partner’s family dynamics over the holidays can be a challenge. Our advice columnist has blessed us with some hard-hitting advice on how to stand firm in your boundaries any time of year. 

  1. 4 Things to Know About Baby-Led Weaning

Ah yes, the infamous IG buzzword…If you’re wondering WTF baby-led weaning is and how to do it, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. “Can we have sex while our baby is in the room?”

When the mood hits, it HITS…So what’s the deal with getting down with your S.O. while your babe is in the room? Here’s our take. 


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