Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Do These 5 Things Instead 

Making New Year’s Resolutions was soooo last year. Say goodbye to failed resolutions and hello to 5 alternatives for positivy and self-growth.

Making New Year’s Resolutions was soooo last year. We all know how it goes – we’re ready for “new year, new me” and list out all these big goals, just for them to get tossed by January 7th, leaving us feeling guilty and defeated within the first week. 

We’re not about that life in 2024. We’re bringing more ~positivity~ and self-growth into the New Year, and with that comes more promising alternatives that you can actually follow through with. Here’s how we’re saying bye to resolutions and hello to *goal setting*. 

1. Set Intentions 

Instead of a strict resolution(s), set small intentions that will help you generate more positive habits and behaviors instead of feeling like you’re on a tight timeline. For example, you can spend more quality time with family or prioritize self-care instead of counting how many times to get together with the family a month and exactly when and how you’re going to practice self-care. These small changes make a big difference! 

2. Be Flexible 

We all know how being a parent can throw us through a loop every day (if not every minute) with some new unexpected red tape, road bump or hiccup. . Instead of strict resolutions, allow room for adjustments and adaptability so you can still work towards your goals even if things don’t go as planned. 

3. Don’t Focus on Being Perfect 

Perfection is so last year. Being a perfect parent doesn’t exist. Period. So relinquish yourself from the pressure of perfection and embrace celebrating any win as a positive step in the right direction. If being kind to yourself in the messy day to day isn’t perfect, we don’t know what is.  

4. Create Small Goals 

Instead of setting big goals that might feel more dreamy and out of reach, break them down in smaller and more actionable goals. You can’t eat the elephant whole, people! Write down each step it takes to achieve that small goal so that it feels more manageable in the everyday chaos and joy of being a parent. 

5. Make Adjustments as Needed 

There’s nothing better than a strong pivot. If your goals are feeling like daily reminders you aren’t hitting them, it’s time to switch the narrative. Take a moment to reflect, learn, adapt and adjust so that you’re being true to yourself and what is most valuable to you on any given day. 


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