12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Like

Motherhood is oftentimes a thankless journey, so even the simplest gesture goes a really long way. That being […]

Motherhood is oftentimes a thankless journey, so even the simplest gesture goes a really long way. That being said, receiving a gift that you actually want is a pretty epic feeling. Mother’s Day is coming up and we all want to give our fellow mom friends, partners, sisters, or (dare we say) ourselves something that would be put to good use. That’s why we rounded up some of our favorite gifts for this Mother’s Day. 

Sleep Mask

As moms, we know a thing or two about the mid-day power nap. A sleep mask will work wonders to block out the sun and help that special mama in your life get in those extra zzz’s during daylight hours. This silk eye mask from Slip is our favorite: it’s chic, simple, and the perfect addition to any night stand. 

Air Fryer

These babies are like the holy grail of kitchen appliances and a real lifesaver when you’re a busy parent. An air fryer will save any busy mom tons of time in the kitchen and fighting with her picky eater. Two birds, one stone. 

Cheese Board

Now that we are (finally!) close to more social freedoms, a beautiful cheese board like this one from Anthropologie is a great go-to gift. Whether she just wants to feel fancy when her parents come over for Sunday night dinner or she’s hosting girl’s night next week, a nice cheese board is the perfect excuse to a) eat cheese and b) look fancy without trying hard. It’s a win-win if you ask us. 


Sometimes, lighting a candle is all we need for a little mood boost. Our faves come from Old Pine Candle Company, an amazing female-owned small business out of Evergreen, CO. Not only do they have the BEST scents, they’re actually affordable. Plus, they have a special Mother’s Day gift box that features a Moon Bath Bathing Salt from another female-owned small biz–Swoon.

Bath Oils 

Let your favorite hard working mama trade in her weekly shower for a bath with these luxurious Ortigia bath oils. These oils are beautifully made and will be a great reminder for mom to clean out the bath toys, light a few candles, play some Enya (if you know, you know), and have some quality *alone* time (shocking, we know). 

Is This Normal: The Game

Shameless plug but in all honesty, this game will have any parent in your life (including yourself) rolling on the floor laughing 10 mins in. Perfect for date nights, mom hangouts, or spontaneous game nights. 

Initial Necklace

These Maya Brenner necklaces are the perfect gift for any mom. As a mother herself, Brenner’s jewelry is everything a busy woman wants: luxurious and incredibly high quality while also being simple and easy to wear. Add the first initials of each of their babes and it becomes a super special, sentimental gift, too. 

Mini Vibrator

What was it they say about a girl’s best friend again…? Whether she’s single, mingling, or in a committed relationship, Lola’s mini vibrator might just be *the best* gift she’s ever been given. 

Fanny Pack

Let’s face it, fanny packs are BACK and they’re here to stay. At least, if you’re a mom they are. This Lulu Lemon Everywhere Belt Bag will become any mom’s go-to: just enough room for wallet, keys, phone, and…wet wipes. Yup, sounds about right. 

Summer Leisure Set

It’s time to trade in the fancy tie-dye sweat suit we all bought at the beginning of quarantine for something a little more ~summery~, are we right?! This Summersalt set is perfect for any mom checking things off her to-do list around the house or just hanging with the fam during those warmer months.  

Face Oil 

Nothing like a luxurious face oil to make a girl feel like a self-care QUEEN. This Herbivore Emerald Oil is infused not only clean but filled with adaptogens and CBD to take the signs of stress out of any mama’s skin. 

No Makeup Makeup 

This Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint is seriously magic in a bottle: SPF 40, fragrance-free, clean ingredients, AND anti-aging. Plus, it makes you look like you actually slept 8 hours the night before. 


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