10 Steps to Mastering the Morning Madness

Welcome busy parents, to the most challenging part of your day: the morning.

Yes, before you’ve had your first cup of coffee, you’re expected to transform chaos into order and get small, unpredictable humans ready for the day. But fear not! We’ve put together some tips to help streamline your morning routine so you might *actually* have a moment to drink your coffee while it’s hot (gasp!).

1. Prep the Night Before

The number #1 tip we got from the Little Spoon Community was to make mornings easier: prepping the night before. Lay out clothes, pack lunches, sign permission slips and locate that elusive left shoe before you go to bed. Think of it as your evening ritual, like brushing your teeth or watching Bridgerton.

2. Wake Up Before Your Kids

We know, it sounds cruel and unusual, but those precious 15 minutes of solitude can be the difference between feeling like a Disney princess and a Disney villain. Use this time to mentally prepare for the day, or just to enjoy the calm before the storm.

3. Breakdown-Proof Breakfasts with Little Spoon

On the subject of breakfast, let’s simplify it further with Little Spoon’s new breakfast meals. Yes, it’s true, the same Little Spoon that’s saved your evenings with hidden veggie nuggets is now conquering mornings too. Designed for maximum nutrition and minimal parental effort, these meals are about as close as you can get to breakfast autopilot. Just imagine—a morning where “What’s for breakfast?” isn’t a riddle for the ages.

4. Create a Morning Playlist

Nothing is more motivating than some jams. Create a morning playlist that’s the auditory equivalent of a splash of cold water to the face. Time the playlist so that by the last song, everyone should be ready to head out the door. If “Sunny Side” by Fulton Lee doesn’t get their shoes on, nothing will.

5. Contain the Chaos 

Have specific spots for everything: a station for breakfast, another for bags and shoes, and a small workshop for last-minute hair and teeth brushing. This limits the areas where chaos can develop, containing the madness to designated zones.

6. Routine Charts

Kids love charts (and stickers). They really do. Create a chart that outlines each step of their morning routine. It gives them a sense of independence and cuts down on the number of times you need to say, “Please put on your socks.”

7. Embrace Imperfection

Some mornings, the socks won’t match. Sometimes, breakfast will be a banana in the car. And that’s okay! The goal isn’t perfection, it’s to reduce stress and maybe, just maybe, start the day with a little laughter instead of tears (yours or theirs).

8. The One-Minute Rule

If a task takes one minute or less, do it immediately. This can include hanging up a coat, putting shoes away, or deleting the email about the PTA meeting you know you’re never going to attend. It’s about keeping the clutter—both physical and mental—to a minimum.

9. Have a Backup Plan

Always have a Plan B. Missed the bus? Have a carpool buddy on speed dial. Spilled coffee on your shirt? Keep a backup in the car. Remember, in the game of mornings, the prepared parent is the winning parent.

10. Celebrate Small Victories

Managed to get everyone out the door on time? Celebrate that victory. Even if celebrating just means a silent cheer as you drive away, acknowledge these small wins. They add up to big changes.

Here’s to reclaiming your mornings and maybe even enjoying them a little. Cheers, parents—you’ve got this, especially now that Little Spoon is in your corner for breakfast too!


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