10 Kid-Friendly Must-Haves to Make Summer Less Stressful 

We know summer accessories can get out of hand, so we rounded up our top 10 must-haves to make the hot days feel a little cooler.

Well all know that kids come with a lot of baggage, literally. How is it that our mini humans have so many accessories to accompany them? Whether it’s their favorite stuffed animal, blanket, toy, wipes, diapers, snacks, change of clothes, you name it, the summer time doesn’t help with this infinite list. 

Summer means towels, sunscreen, *extra* snacks, water toys, sun-proof gear and more. The beach bags can get heavy and hard to lug around, so we rounded up our top 10 kid-friendly summer products to make the hot days feel a little cooler.

1. Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen.

This one’s obvious but it will never not be number one on our kid-friendly summer product list. Putting sunscreen on your kiddo might feel like a war zone, but it’s a battle you must win. There is an overwhelming amount of kid-friendly sunscreen options out there, so it’s important to do your research before choosing the “right” one. We prefer mineral based, but when it comes to sunscreen whatever they’ll let you slather on is a win. 

2. Rash guards with SPF 

If you do happen to lose the sunscreen battle, a rash guard with UPF is a great alternative. They are perfect for when your kiddo is splashing in the water and they come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. Cute, trendy and protected?! Say less. 

3. Bucket hats 

Talk about being cute and trendy all while protecting that precious skin and face. Bucket hats are our #1 go-to for babes under 6 months, since it’s not safe for them to wear sunscreen yet and it will cover almost half their body. 

4. Car Window Shade 

Ah, we underestimated the sun once again. It’s true that anyone can get burnt through the car window. One more thing to worry about, we know. If you’re planning on taking road trips, driving around the neighborhood aimlessly to get your kiddo to nap, or taking frequent drives to the pool, beach or lake, this is the *ultimate* Amazon purchase that your partner can’t give you sh*t for. Car shades ensure your baby stays cool, protected from sunburn and keeps the glare out of their eyes. 

5. Sunglasses 

Speaking of glares in your eyes, what’s worse than squinting all day long because the sun is too bright? Nothing (well, maybe sunburn ;)). Grab a pair of UV protected toddler sunglasses to keep those beautiful eyes covered! 

6. Beach Tents and Cabanas 

This is just a fancy way of saying there are easily portable and UV protective mesh tents that not only serve as the perfect ventilated play area for your babes, but protects them from all the elements. Yep, we’re talking sun, sand, wind, bugs and whatever else magically appears. 

7. Clip-On Fans 

There is nothing better than what the slightest breeze hits your face on the hottest of summer days. Perfect for the car, stroller or beach tent, portable fans are a *must* for staying cool on demand. 

8. Stroller Wagon 

Load ‘er up and swap out the stroller that probably doesn’t have enough storage for your summer adventures. Most wagons these days are lightweight, easy to fold and can hold enough toys and activities like Mary Poppins’ bag. Let your kid ride in comfort (and style) while staying cool and entertained. That sounds like a win:win. 

9. Soft + Absorbent Beach Towel 

No more sandy feet running around the house anymore! Look for towels that are smooth against your kiddo’s skin while being extremely durable, absorbent and fast-drying so it can handle all the spills, tugs and plunges into the water. Yeah, it happens. 

10. Dry/Wet Bags 

These bags are *essential* to a seamless kid-friendly travel day and are the best beach bag hack. When it’s time to change your kiddo, throw their wet suits or towels into the dry/wet bag to keep the rest of the items in your beach bag clean and dry. When you get home, you can easily unzip the bag and dump it right into the wash. You’re welcome.


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