How TF do I…teach my kids about Thanksgiving?

Share stories, cook together and more fun activities below.

Also known as: turkey time with the fam, being thankful, and wearing sweats all day long.

Our advice: 

  • Talk about family traditions and tell stories about your family’s history. 
  • Provide examples to your little ones on why you are thankful this year and ask them to make a list of what they are thankful for. 
  • Chat about the feast you’ll be having! You can tell them about your family’s traditional foods, discuss new ingredients and they can even help you cook one of your family favorites. 
  • Create fun activities to do together as family, such as tracing an outline of your hand to paint a turkey! 
  • Share and donate – find a local charity or help out at a food kitchen to help your minis understand what it means to be thankful and the importance of helping others. 

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