How TF do I…start solids?

Starting solids can be confusing and overwhelming as a new parent. Here are our best tips for starting solids with your baby.

Also known as: first bites, first foods, purees, baby-led weaning, our absolute *favorite* baby milestone.

Our advice: 

  • Look out for signs that your baby is ready for solids like sitting up independently, showing interest in what people around them are eating, reaching for food that you are eating, good head + neck control and loss of tongue thrust reflex. 
  • Talk to your pediatrician.
  • Skip rice cereal (which can be high in inorganic and organic arsenic) and opt for fresh, single-ingredient purees or single whole foods.
  • Don’t stress. It can take up to 15 times for your baby to accept a new food, so don’t get discouraged by rejection early on. So much of early mealtime is about getting familiar with food, even if that means most of the food ends up on your babe (and on the floor) instead of in their mouths.
  • Be prepared. Once you start solids, your baby may experience some gas. We recommend having Frida Baby digestive products on hand like Windi the Gaspasser, the Gassy Belly Rub, and the Gas + Colic Heating Pad

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