How TF do I…take family pictures?

Is your family getting in the holiday spirit to take family pictures this year? Check out our tips on how to nail your next holiday card.

Also known as: dysfunctional bonding time, crying kids and an extra glass of wine.

Our advice: 

  • Create a Pinterest board – Find some inspiration pictures so you know exactly how you’ll want your fam to pose so you can find the right photographer for you. 
  • Hire a photographer – you don’t want to deal with a half-broken tripod and self-timer that makes it seem like it’s working, but the pictures always come out blurry.
  • Plan your outfits ahead of time – Avoid strong patterns and bold colors. The more neutral, the better. 
  • Pack a bag – Load up on snacks, a change of clothes, diapers, and any other essentials to keep your young kiddos entertained. Tissues! 
  • Have fun – stay calm and relaxed so your kids feel less forced to do something they probably don’t want to. Be yourselves and the pictures will come out great!

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