How to Love Valentine’s Day as a Single Parent

Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? We're here to help you find love and happiness for this Hallmark holiday.

Valentine’s Day is no longer just a Hallmark holiday, it’s a day where your social feeds are flooded with cutesy content and for some of us, that can feel a bit lonely. If you are finding yourself as a single parent or unfulfilled in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that this one day of the year can’t still be filled with love and happiness. 

Here’s our take on how to conquer the Valentine’s Day blues and make it special for you and your kiddos: 

1. Treat yourself to a spa day 

Who says a spa day has to be expensive? You can have a luxurious day from your own home. If you’re able to get your kiddos out of the house and have some alone time, take a long bath, do your extended skin care routine you haven’t had time for and indulge in all the things you love. We’re here to remind you that self-love is just as important as any other kind of love

2. Create new family traditions  

Whether it’s baking heart-shaped cookies, making Little Spoon Smoothie bowls, crafting handmade cards or having a special dinner with your little ones, making new memories and traditions will be a nice refresh and create a new meaning for Valentine’s Day for everyone. 

3. Celebrate with your friends

We’re talking about girl dinner in full effect. Call your mom BFF and grab lunch or get cozy on the couch for a long FaceTime if meeting in person isn’t an option. 

Surrounding yourself with your besties who always have your back will make you feel more supported than ever.

4. Rediscover old hobbies 

Sometimes parenting gets in the way of having time to do the hobbies and activities you truly enjoyed before becoming an awesome parent. Today is the day to rediscover them and fulfill yourself with nostalgia. 

5. Reflect on the positive 

Sometimes, it’s easy for the happy things in your life to get overshadowed by the not so happy things. One overrated day shouldn’t feel so consuming. It’s important to remind yourself what you’re grateful for to help shift your perspective that love has many more meanings than just a significant other. 

6. Have a movie marathon 

Is there anything better than snuggling up with your kiddos on the couch and watching all your favorite movies? We think not. 


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