Looking for a fun rainy day activity? We teamed up with Camp to make this DIY clay! After you and your little make the clay, try to sculpt some of your favorite veggies.

  • ½ cup of Argo potatoes starch
  • ½ cup white glue
  • Wooden stick or fork
  • About 1 spoon Vaseline – after shampoo work well too
  • Food coloring or paint
  1. In the bowl mix together few drop of food coloring/paint  with the glue
  2. Add slowly the starch and mix with wooden stick
  3. Keep mixing until it become crumbly
  4. Start to mix with your hand
  5. Add  Vaseline/after shampoo generously and keep kneading until you get a very soft slightly elastic clay.
  6. It will take up to 2 days to dry.

Need some inspo? Here are a few veggies you can make out of your DIY clay:

  • Mold carrots with orange and green clay.
  • Try radishes with red and white clay.
  • Use green clay to sculpt peas by rolling into balls of different sizes.

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