Our Crossword Answers

Think you solved our crossword? Check out the answers below.

Think you solved our crossword? Check out the answers below!

  • What’s another name for dragon fruit?
    (Answer: Pitaya)
  • What every parent wants, but rarely gets
    (Answer: Sleep)
  • Chrissy Teigen’s adorable daughter
    (Answer: Luna)
  • This leafy green is Popeye’s favorite (Answer: Spinach)
  • A sparkling probiotic beverage to pair with your mini’s Gut Feeling Booster
    (Answer: Kombucha)
  • This small but mighty fruit is bursting with antioxidants
    (Answer: Blueberry)
  • What we wish we could throw from time to time (and can bank on our toddlers doing for us) (Answer: Tantrums)
  • Key in helping prevent future picky eaters (Answer: Variety)
  • The only ingredient to avoid in year one of starting solids
    (Answer: Honey)
  • A favorite dipping sauce for many-a-kiddos
    (Answer: Ketchup)
  • No one knows your mini better than ___
    (Answer: You)
  • Also a popular cuddle position
    (Answer: LittleSpoon)



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