Behind the Scenes with Alexa Von Tobel

Alexa Von Tobel talks money, mom guilt, and everything in between.

Money Matters

All of us 100% know this to be the truth: one of the most argued about topics in any household is money. As more and more Millennials swan dive into the money-pit of parenthood, we’re seeing the weight of balancing household budgets, student loans, and aging parents take its toll. 

Here’s Alexa’s secret: embracing the efficiency of technology is the key to her household’s success. This includes automating payments (credit cards, student loans, 401K), taking advantage of online subscriptions, and using password protection on your phone and computer all the while taking the time to educate your kids along the way. This way their learning curve isn’t as steep as the one many Millennials are faced with. All this and more is in her book, Financially Forward. “My goal for people isn’t extreme wealth, it’s being worry-free,” says Alexa. “To be worry-free you need a plan. A realistic budget. If you’re budgeting, you always know where your money’s going and why.”

Change is Coming

It is no secret that being a parent changes you and just about every element of your life. We asked Alexa about some of the changes that have taken place in her life post-kids. “Having kids cuts a lot of the inefficiencies out of your life. I now order groceries from my phone in my three minutes of downtime,” she laughed. “I plan my freetime.”

Despite being a badass entrepreneur, a Forbes 30 Under 30 listmaker, and the driver behind the new venture firm Inspired Capital, she states that becoming a mother “really put the business stuff in perspective. None of that is a big deal compared to the birth of my husband and I’s first child.” Things that once seemed Crisis Mode-worthy may seem trivial or less urgent when the entire existence of a tiny human being depends on you. Priorities will definitely reorganize themselves post-baby.

The Mom Guilt is Real

Is my kid watching too much TV? Did my child eat nutritiously enough today? Turns out those same questions follow mom entrepreneur Alexa in her day-to-day life as much as the next mom. “Mom guilt is real,” she says, “I’m always asking myself, ‘Have I done enough? Are we doing enough?’” 

So how does she battle that nagging feeling? She recommends staying present in the moment and kicking outside-distractions to the curb. “We really focus on putting our phone down and leaving it in the other room when we’re playing with our kids,” she suggests. “Just good old fashioned living in the moment.”

Three Kids Under Four

“So, I have a four year old, a one year old, and a newborn. For us, we’re just being really mindful. We know that the next few years are going to be hectic,” she shares. “I think we’ve just been really thoughtful about what are the things that we can do to ensure that we can stay sane.” 

Alexa adds that turning to the basics like a solid sleep routine and exercise can really help a parent fend off the stress. “I would not even remotely use the word stress-free. Little kids are a lot. It’s a lot of stress no matter what.” 

Despite the whirlwind that having multiples under four brings, Alexa’s straight-forward attitude helps the family keep its sanity, while also creating clear expectations. “It’s very clear that during this chapter of having little kids they’re our priority. They’re our world.”

Let’s be real. Balancing financials, work, and parenthood can be a seemingly overwhelming task. Alexa shows us that through setting realistic goals, embracing smart time hacks, focusing our energy on things that are important to us, and staying present we can achieve financial independence while fostering happiness at home (and in our independent ventures!). Easier said than done, but Alexa proves there’s a path to get there. 


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