How TF do I…prep my baby’s skin for the winter?

We rounded up our top tips for baby skin care in winter. And yes, SPF is just as important as the bath temperature. Read on for more.

Also known as: dry AF skin, chapped lips, maybe even eczema

Our advice: 

  • Moisturize with lotion that doesn’t contain perfumes or alcohol. If your little has dry skin patches, thick creams or ointments can do the trick. 
  • Avoid soaps and other bath products that include fragrances. Try a soap-free cleanser too! 
  • Apply SPF! Pro tip: it’s not meant to be used just during the summer. If your baby is 6 months or older, SPF is safe to use. Don’t underestimate the power of winter sun – if you live in a state that receives snow, the UV rays can reflect off the ground and cause sunburn. 
  • Use a humidifier. More moisture in the air = reduction of dry skin. 
  • Layer your mini when you dress them – if they are too warm or sweat in heavy clothes, their skin can get irritated, leading to dryness and irritation. Dressing in layers will ensure they are comfortable at all times and their skin will adjust as needed. 
  • Don’t bathe your baby in hot water! Lukewarm water is perfect for their delicate skin. Immediately pat dry and moisturize when you’re done. 

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