How TF do I…treat my baby’s acne?

Treating your baby's acne is easy and good news is that it's only temporary! Follow these tips to properly care for your little one's skin.

Also known as: small red bumps on a baby’s cheeks, chin and forehead.

Regularity: Temporary, but BEYOND normal.

Our advice: 

  • Determine if the bumps you see are acne, a rash, or eczema. 
  • Just like an adult, wash your newborn’s face daily with warm water and mild, unscented soap. Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation. 
  • Do NOT pinch, squeeze, or scrub the acne. We repeat, DO NOT. 
  • Stay away from lotion or baby oils – your baby’s skin is sensitive and needs mild ingredients. 
  • Be patient – it will go away with time! Until the teenage years…

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