20 Ways To Prank Your Kids This April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is coming & that means finally getting revenge on your littles for their shenanigans.

March has lasted about three years and we’re all going crazy from so much togetherness. But April Fool’s Day is just around the corner and that means you can finally get back at your littles for the last two plus weeks of shenanigans. We could all use a little distraction and a good laugh right now, so try out a few of our favorite ways to prank your mini on April 1st.

  • Dessert swap. Remake your babe’s favorite desserts with a little…savory twist. Recreate an ice cream sundae by replacing the ice cream with mashed potatoes. Is your babe more of a chocolate chip cookie lover? Add some black beans to mashed potatoes, separate into small balls, and bake!
  • Bad gift prank. We’re taking a page out of the Jimmy Kimmel handbook for this one. Wrap up some crappy gifts for your kids (think a carton of eggs, a dongle, whatever’s around the house). Leave the gifts out at breakfast as a fun surprise…and record your kid’s hilarious disappointment.
  • Poop prank. Just watch this video and repeat. It’s too good.
  • Let them give coffee a try. Pour an extra cup of coffee in the morning and tell your mini that they can start their day off with a decadent cup of hot chocolate. When they go in to take a sip, they’ll taste your bitter coffee. Make sure to get this one on camera for a priceless reaction.
  • Adjust the clocks. Turn all of the clocks and any electronics your mini may come into contact with back a few hours.Your mini might be a little bit confused when everyone wakes up at four in the morning…
  • Swap your babe’s toothpaste. Open up your mini’s toothpaste squeeze some mustard into the top of the bottle. In the morning when you go to brush teeth, they’ll be horrified at the yellow that comes out on their toothbrush.
  • Googly-eyed snacks. Make some new friends—stick some googly eyes on all of the foods in your pantry or refrigerator.
  • Adopt a British accent. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night (or as long as you can stand it) talk to your babe in a British accent.
  • Dress backwards for the day. Get dressed with your clothes on backwards and wear them like that for the day.
  • Wear something funny! Have any costumes or wigs around the house? Trust us, you’ll get a good reaction from your little one if you wake them up wearing a blue wig or a superhero costume.
  • #WhattheFluffChallenge, For Kids. Find a doorway, declare you’re putting on a magic show, gather the family, and let this classic prank do it’s work.
  • All dressed up and nowhere to go. Been in your sweatpants for about a week straight? Confuse your mini by starting your day dressed to the nines.
  • Convince them they’re a genius! Tell your mini that their school teacher called them on the phone to tell you that, due to good behavior and great grades, they’re graduating their grade early (!) and moving up to the next grade with the big kids tomorrow!
  • You’ve got a trouble maker. On the flip side, tell your mini that their principal at school called and said that they’re in BIG trouble.
  • Frozen cereal. Is your babe a cereal lover? Place a bowl of their favorite cereal and milk in the freezer overnight. When you place the bowl of frozen Cherrio’s in front of them, they’ll be a bit confused when their spoon doesn’t easily scoop into the milk like usual…
  • Adult underwear. Replace your mini’s underwear with adult boxers. It’ll be pretty funny watching your little one wiggle into oversized boxers in the morning.
  • Pretend your finger got chopped off. A classic prank—as you cut up any snack or meal throughout the day, pretend that you accidentally cut your finger. Throw some ketchup on your hand and pull out the theatrics!
  • Short sheet their bed. Follow these easy steps to short sheet your little one’s bed so that they won’t fit in at night!
  • Magic Water Bottle. Look into my magic water bottle for a surprise! Spoiler alert: Your kid will peer deep inside your Poland Spring and while they’re distracted, give it a good squeeze!
  • Can you hold this for me? Ask your sweet kiddo to help you by holding a balanced cup in place (presumably to cover a big spider or prevent a major spill). Scare them into dropping it for an extra fright!

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