20 Questions with Chloe Melas

Chloe Melas screams badass mom. She shares her journey to become a mother and answers our most burning parenting questions.

Chloe Melas screams badass mom. From her role as an entertainment reporter for CNN, to her groundbreaking investigation during the #MeToo movement and her sheer honesty about how difficult it can be to become a parent, Melas is definitely on our list of admirable parents. 

While she’s shared her and her husband’s parenting journey with Is This Normal in the past, we jumped at the opportunity to catch up and ask her some of our most burning parenting questions.

Tell us about your journey to become a parent. 

When my husband Brian and I started trying to get pregnant we had a feeling that something was wrong after a few months. This led us to find out that I have a low ovarian egg reserve and Brian has a low sperm count. We ended up doing IVF for both of our two boys Leo and Luke.

How did you know you were pregnant?

I had done IVF about two weeks before I learned I was pregnant. They call it the two week wait. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for the call from the doctor’s office. The morning I received the call letting me know that I was pregnant, I was actually about to interview Entourage star Jerry Ferrara and I told him because I was so excited. He was actually the first person I told besides Brian. 

Craziest pregnancy craving?

Ice, ice baby! All I wanted with both pregnancies was crushed ice!

What was the weirdest thing about sex during pregnancy? 

I plead the fifth. 

What was the hardest part of year 1 as a parent?

No sleep! I need 8 hours of sleep, so having to wake up and breastfeed or pump or just deal with disjointed sleep was pretty terrible. 

What was the most difficult thing that you dealt with postpartum? 

After I gave birth to Luke I found myself a bit depressed. I think dealing with two children made it also a lot harder, it was difficult to get the hang of taking care of both kids.

What was the hardest part about starting solids? 

With both kids I was always scared about choking so I was a nervous nelly when it came to starting solids. 

How has motherhood changed you?

Being a mom is something I always wanted. I feel like my identity is complete with my kiddos. As tired and trying as it can be, being a mom is the best part of my life. 

What’s the most surprising part of being a mom?

How little sleep you actually need to function. And mother’s instinct—it’s a real thing! I know when my kids are sick before anyone else does.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened to your body postpartum? 

Just not being able to lose the weight easily after my second child. I am still trying to get in shape two years later!

What’s your favorite way to get your body moving? 

These days I am loving my Peloton. 

What were some of the doubts you had before becoming a mom? 

I was worried after giving birth to my second child that I wouldn’t have enough love in my heart for another kid and I was totally wrong!

What’s your favorite thing about sibling dynamics?

They are just now starting to really play with each other and it’s nice seeing them become friends. But they still spend quite a bit of time fighting over their toys. 

How did parenthood change your relationship with your partner?

It has definitely caused more stress and arguments but at the same time it’s made us a heck of a lot closer.  

How did parenthood change your relationship with yourself?

I have to make sure to keep a schedule so that I can fit in all my errands for the family but also fit in some “me time” whether that’s a pedicure, a massage or just grabbing a drink with a friend. I get less time for myself but it just comes down to scheduling. 

What’s the scariest part of motherhood?

The scariest part is when your kids get sick. It’s the most helpless feeling. I have been to the ER many a time over the past four years and it never gets easier. 

How has motherhood changed the way you view your body? 

Oh yes, give yourself some grace! I might not be a size 0 but this body gave birth to two amazing boys. That is incredible!

Favorite pump up song? 

Jennifer Lopez “Do It Well.”

Go-to cocktail?


What was the craziest thing someone said to you after you returned from maternity leave?

Someone asked me if I enjoyed my vacation. UM…maternity leave is not a vacation…!


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