4 Vegan Toddler Meals Your Kiddo Will Love

Feeding a child is no joke. We're making your life easier with these simple vegan toddler meals your kiddo will love.

Feeding a child is no joke. One day they LOVE carrots, the next day they won’t touch them. Add in dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices, and you have a whole other ballgame. Little Spoon is all about making your life easier and that means providing healthy, balanced meals for your kiddos. We love Little Spoon’s 100% organic, vegan Babyblends for our babes and they make great supercharged snacks for those toddler years. And, if you’re looking for something gluten-free, protein-packed, vegetarian, or vegan there’s something on Little Spoon’s Plates menu for everyone. Not to mention Plates are all made without preservatives, fillers, additives, artificial sugar or other ingredients you can’t pronounce. We’d call that a parenting win-win

Let’s dive into some of Little Spoon’s favorite vegan toddler meals for your kiddo. 

Cauli Croquettes

We know, we know—croquettes sound fancy and like something your kid might shy away from but the fluffy little cauliflower bites are a customer-favorite at Little Spoon. Served alongside veggie millet poppers and steamed carrots, this veg-forward vegan meal is perfect for first finger foods or even baby-led weaning—both the croquettes and poppers are soft and easily mashable. Little Spoon’s Cauli Croquettes are also gluten-free.

Veggie Tenders

Little Spoon’s Veggie Tender is what vegan tender dreams are made of. Unlike other plant-based proteins that lack nutritional value, these tenders are packed with butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and ancient grains. Plus, this finger-food favorite boasts 12 grams of protein and is served alongside steamed broccoli for a kick of green.

Broccoli Bites

These gluten-free, finger-food friendly Broccoli Bites are another great vegan toddler meal option for your toddler or big kid. We love that they’re served with sweet potato carrot poppers and steamed French green beans for even more veg. 

Beet Superfood Sliders

Hello, superfood! We love beets just as much as the next person but we know your kiddo might be hesitant. Trust us on this one—Little Spoon’s Beet Superfood Sliders will change their mind. This vegan finger food is packed with protein and fiber, and served along those sweet potato carrot poppers we’re so crazy for.

Looking for a few vegetarian options? Try Little Spoon’s Mac and Three Cheese, Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, or Cheesy Black Bean Pupusas. 

If you’re ready for easier mealtime, head over to Little Spoon and sign up today.


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