8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids

Scrambling for some last minute V-day activities with your little lover? No worries, we rounded up our best party ideas for kids.

Valentines Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we don’t know about you, but teaching our minis about the magic of love and sneaking in a few “mandatory Valentine’s Day” cuddles is kind of the highlight of our month. Plus, showing your little that Valentine’s Day is also about celebrating familial + friendship love from an early age is a majorly important lesson. So here’s our roundup of our favorite activities for February 14: 

Cutout Cards

What better way to spend an afternoon with your kiddo than whippin’ up some good old fashioned crafts? This one’s a classic. Grab some colored cardboard paper, (kid-safe) scissors, and writing utensils. Help your kiddos cut their cardboard paper into hearts and write love notes to you, your partner, the neighbor, whoever! Their little messages will either make your heart melt or crack up laughing. 

Heart Symmetry Painting

If you want to take your cutout cards one step further, this is the perfect option. Plus, it actually makes for some pretty cute art. You’ll need: construction paper, paintbrushes, and two or more colors of paint. Symmetry painting involves adding drops of paint to one side of a folded piece of paper and then pressing the sides together to reveal your masterpieces! Check out the full craft lowdown here and get ready to put those cards on display. 

Heart Windsocks

We borrowed this craft from our friends overs at nontoygifts! Windsocks resemble wind chimes but are made with streamers instead (AKA DIY windchimes without all the noise). For these, you’ll need: a tin can, pink and red paint, heart stickers, pink and red crepe streamers, hot glue, and fishing line.

Blooming Hearts

The lowest lift craft meets science experiment. Once you properly cut and fold the construction paper, you place it in cold water and watch it bloom into a heart. You’ll need: construction paper, scissors, and a shallow bowl of water. Check out the full directions here and get ready to watch your LO’s eyes widen.

Make Heart Shaped Pancakes 

If your kiddos love surprise breakfasts as much as ours do, this is the perfect start to your V-Day. Make your favorite pancake recipe (or try this healthified one from Two Peas and Their Pod that we love), place a heart shaped cookie cutter in the pan, and get to cookin’! 


Cupcakes, cake, cookies, you name it! Basically anything you can dye pink or put heart-shaped sprinkles on is a win in our books. 

Make a List of the People You Love
If you want to lean into the essence of the holiday, sit down with your babes and make a list of all the people they love and why. If you do it every year, it’s pretty fun to look back and see how their love evolves.


Must we say more? We recommend making these mandatory for years to come :). 


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