5 Tips for Navigating Valentine’s Day Candy 

Cue the 24-hour sugar craze. Dr. Taylor Arnold is sharing her 5 best tips for conquering this sweet day.

It’s the sweetest day of the year (sorry Halloween) and your kiddo is expecting all the festive candy at home and school with their best buds. So, how do you navigate the anticipated sugar rush and battles while still embracing the sweetness of the holiday? I’m here to help you find the balance between candy options while creating cherished memories with your loved ones. 

1. Prioritize Safety

Steer clear of choking hazards like hard candy, lollipops, chewy candy, gummies, and whole nuts for kids under four years old. Opt for safer options such as chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, pouches or non-food items to keep celebrations worry-free.

2. Breakfast Boost

Set the tone for the day with a hearty breakfast to provide energy and balance before diving into sweets later on.

3. Packed with Love

Pack your child’s lunchbox with their favorite foods to ensure they have a satisfying meal and are not hungry heading into Valentine’s Day festivities in the classroom.

4. Mix and Match

If you are serving sweets, serve it as part of the meal rather than something served after veggies are eaten. Consider pairing sweets with beloved dishes and veggies like Little Spoon, to demonstrate that both can be enjoyed together.

5. Mindful Messaging

Use positive and neutral language when discussing food to promote a healthy relationship with eating. Focus on describing all foods accurately and without guilt or judgment.

Wishing you a delightful Valentine’s Day filled with love and delicious food! 


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