Tips for Storing + Traveling with Little Spoon

Traveling with baby food comes with a lot of complications, but Little Spoon makes it easier. Here's our top food storage hacks.

After a few years of being stuck at home, now is the time to explore and visit! We know how hard it is to get solid meals in on a normal day, let alone while traveling. While we can’t fix all the stress of traveling with littles, when it comes to food, Little Spoon has your back!

Here are our top tips for safe travel with Little Spoon products: 

  1. At least 48 hours ahead of go-time, pop your Little Spoon Blends and meals into the freezer so they’re frozen solid by the time you have to gather the troops for the airport. 
  2. The key to keeping the kiddo’s meals and snacks cold in transit is to pack them tightly in an insulated cooler and surrounded with ice! 
  3. Choose a cooler that is well insulated and no bigger than you need, extra room means extra warm air. 
  4. Protip: TSA allows a reasonable amount of liquid-like food thru security for kids. You should expect extra screening but the key to making it fly by (pun intended) is to make your liquids a solid, by freezing! Any cold packs or ice must be *totally solid* when they go through security, which is why we like ice in baggies – if you need to pour some melted water out you can do so easily.
  5. Once you head through security, you can replace the ice in your baggies from a past-security restaurant. Be sure to keep the lid closed and only open it when you need to!

This technique works great with Plates, Blends and Smoothies on planes, trains, and automobiles. Frozen solid, the food should stay cold for up to 14 hours in a cooler and be ready to stick in the fridge as soon as you arrive!

Here are some additional facts you may not know about storing Little Spoon food: 

  1. Unopened, all Little Spoon products last for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer – score! 
  2. Once opened, it’s best to consume within 48 hours – the fresher the better. 
  3. The Plates can be heated in under 3 minutes and served for any meal at home or can be packed for school lunches – bonus! 

Wherever you’re planning to go this season – across the country or across town, this should help! Happy travels. 


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