Little Spoon’s Hack for Easier Lunchtime

Say goodbye to dreadful lunchtime and hello to grab and go, healthy, build-it-yourself lunches.

The school year is starting up again, and if we had to guess, you’re probably dreading planning out healthy and fun lunches that your kid will actually eat…just for them to come home and say they’re hungry because they didn’t like their lunch. It’s exhausting and we totally understand you. 

Well, you know Little Spoon right? We know and love them for their baby, toddler and kids food full of healthy, clean ingredients and balanced meals, even for the pickiest of eaters. But what about meals for the big kids? Yes, we’re talking about the *really* big kids. The ones that need more protein, more fun, more options and go to elementary school. For the first time ever, may we introduce to you…Little Spoon’s Lunchers and Snacks. Say what?! 

Your lunchtime problems = solved. 

So, what are Lunchers? 

Think of the Lunchers as your childhood favorites reinvented to today’s parenting standards. Remember that to-go lunch you used to grab from the store that had slimy ham and (sometimes) moldy cheese with a loooonggg ingredient list? What about the dried out pizza crust with sugary tomato sauce? Yeah, we’re saying goodbye to that and hello to *much* higher quality, non-GMO ingredient, grab-and-go, build-it-yourself lunches with Little Spoon. With options like Easy Cheesy Pizza, PB Jammies, Chicken Dunkers and wait for it…Brunch Lunch, your kiddo is about to take lunchtime to the next level. Let us break it down for you: 

  • Craveable, balanced meals that both you AND your kiddo can feel good about 
  • All of the nostalgia with none of the junk 
  • Kids classics with hidden veggies + superfoods for added nutrition
  • 10g+ protein in every meal 
  • Better-for-you treats sweetened with maple syrup, agave, cane sugar or fruit 
  • Build-it-yourself meals 

If you think it can’t get better, Little Spoon also provides unlimited snacktime with junk-free favorites you’ll want to save for yourself. There’s a lot of crunching, dipping, ripping and chewing to do, so let’s meet your new favorites, shall we? 

What are the snacks options? 

  • Veggie Loops – a crunchy, chickpea-based loop made with hidden veggies like spinach, pumpkin and carrots. Fun fact: you can wear them on your fingers for an *extra* fun snack time. 
  • Dipsters – the most delicious, nutritious, dippable treat. An oat-based dip made with hidden veggies (duh) and paired with clean ingredient cookies and pretzels. Do we need to say more? 
  • Fruit Rippers – let ‘er rip! These are real fruit snacks that are a peelable delight and made with only 5 ingredients…can you believe it? We can’t either. 
  • Oat Bakes – soft oat-based baked bars packed with superfoods and 3g of protein. It’s oatally awesome. 

You’re probably asking yourself, “How are any of these delicious offerings different from what’s in the grocery stores?” 

We’ll reveal our 4 simple secrets:

  1. The Lunchers are buildable, customizable meals that capture your kiddo’s imagination while offering them the independence and fun they crave.
  2. Both Lunchers and Snacks are nostalgic favorites with junk-free, balanced and nutritious recipes with thoughtfully sourced, high-quality ingredients. 
  3. Just like everything else at Little Spoon, there are no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and other unwanted junk. 
  4. Little Spoon prioritizes nutrition with fresh ingredients (always) without sacrificing the taste to make sure your kiddo gets the nutrients they need while having fun with every bite.

So yes, Little Spoon really just did that. 


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