10 Awesome Things To Do At Home When Your Little One Finally Sleeps!

Not sure what to do with your time when your kiddo is finally down for the night? We have a few ideas...

Hey, super-parent! With your little one finally in dreamland, it’s time to embrace the tranquility of your own slice of time. Here are ten sensational ideas to do at home to make the most of those peaceful post-bedtime hours:

1. Quiet Time

Whether it’s journaling your thoughts, finding zen through meditation, binge watching your favorite show, mindlessly scrolling on TikTok for hours, or simply taking a breather to recharge, this time is all about you. Embrace the calm, guilt-free! We all know it’s few and far between.

2. Connect with Friends and Family

Grab your phone and have a chat with your bestie, catch up with family, or go out and grab that drink! Human connections are vital, even in these precious moments of peace.

3. Sexy Time

Intimate moments with your partner are essential. Use this time to connect and strengthen your bond. That might mean sitting on the couch without your phones to simply talk about yourselves for a hot second or it might mean a lot more. Hot take: you can have sex in the same room as your sleeping baby. 

4. Take Charge of Your Schedule

Pop on the true crime podcast and tidy up that living room, organize the kitchen, or tackle that laundry pile. A little cleaning during this downtime can make your tomorrow a lot smoother. Now is the time to conquer your to-do list and be productive, of course if your energy levels allow. 

5. Hit That (Weed)

If it helps you unwind and is legal in your area, indulge a bit! Canna parents are finding marijuana to be life changing! Just remember to do it responsibly!

6. Set Goals

Use this time to set or work towards your personal goals or aspirations. Whether it’s making a career change, getting into fitness or starting a new project, you’ll be one step closer to achieving by simply manifesting and setting intentions! 

7. Play Games 

There’s nothing like a traditional board or card game, or even video games. Now is a good time to have a playful minute to yourself and escape reality for a round or two. 

8. Exercise

Release those endorphins with a quick workout, yoga session, or a brisk walk. It’s amazing what a little movement can do for your mood.

9. Sleep

Hey, you deserve some shut-eye too! Take a power nap or hit the hay early – a little extra sleep can work wonders.

10. Learn Something New

Engage in activities that bring you joy – whether it’s diving into a puzzle, picking up an adult coloring book, unleashing your inner Picasso with paint, or indulging in video games. And hey, if you’ve been eyeing that new skill or hobby, now’s the perfect time to start!

A smorgasbord of fantastic activities to make the most of that quiet time once the kiddos are snoozing away. Pick one or mix and match – these moments are all yours to savor. It’s time to unwind, recharge, and embrace a little piece of “you” time.


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