26 Things People Said I Can’t Do As A Mom

When I had my first son, there were so many things people (and society!) told me I can't do anymore, simply because I was now a mom.

Becoming a mom is intense and transformative. Many mamas feel like they lose themselves in the mix of growing, birthing and becoming the non-stop caregiver of a tiny human. And while this journey will definitely change you, it doesn’t have to change all of you. 

When I had my first son, there were so many things people (and society!) told me I couldn’t do, simply because I was a mother. Two kids and many late night identity crises later, I’m here to share some of the things you are absolutely still allowed to do, even as a mom.

  1. Live on take out or meal delivery. There is no shame in not cooking. 
  2. Opt out of events that are too stressful or you don’t feel up to. Even holidays and birthdays. 
  3. Go out. For dinner, for drinks, just to dance. 
  4. Take nudes!
  5. Get a hotel for the night. For the weekend. For the week. 
  6. Spend money on yourself. 
  7. Take a vacation, WITHOUT your kids. 
  8. Get plastic surgery. 
  9. Have a cocktail (or two)! 
  10. Be sexy! Dress sexy! Dance sexy!
  11. Not share photos of your kiddo on social media. 
  12. End a relationship. Romantic, platonic, familial or business. 
  13. Hire help. A nanny, a cleaning service, an assistant. Whoever you need. 
  14. Smoke weed. 
  15. Change your sexual preference. 
  16. Start a business. 
  17. Hang out with single friends and people who don’t have kids. 
  18. Get a tattoo. 
  19. Date
  20. Have ‘grown up’ sex. 
  21. Take care of yourself and regularly. 
  22. Change your career. 
  23. Embrace your post-baby body instead of ‘bouncing back’.
  24. Dramatically change your appearance—bold makeup, bright hair, you do you.
  25. Prioritize your mental health. 
  26. Prioritize your physical health. 

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