10 Summer Must-Have Products Your Baby or Toddler

Summer is HERE and we're ready to dive in. We rounded up our must-have summer baby products for your family.

10 Summer Must-Have Products Your Baby or Toddler

Summer is in full swing…and for most parents that means outdoor play, beach days, and family vacations with a side of sweaty, sunburned kids. What a JOY! Oh, and not to mention, that also means a whole new product overhaul to accommodate said sweaty, sunburned kids. Because we know this can be a giant pain, we rounded up our must-have products to successfully survive this summer. Here goes:  


We already mentioned sunburns, right? That supple, soft baby skin we know and love is equally adored by the sun; say hello to sunburns, sun rashes, sun poison…you get the gist. Suffice to say, it’s best to be armed with SPF at all times. We love a clean, mineral sunscreen like Evereden’s Mineral SPF 30


Oh, you thought we were done with sun protection? That’s cute. Turns out the skin isn’t the only part of our baby’s bod that is super sun-sensitive. We recommend putting your babe in polarized sunnies like these from Maisonnette. Major plus: babies in sunglasses are freakin’ cute. 

Bucket Hat

You might think we’re going overboard here but we promise, more is more when it comes to sun protection. Get your little an adorable bucket hat to keep their eyes AND skin extra-protected while they bounce around outside. They’ll be totally on trend with Monica + Andy’s bucket hats

Water Bottle

FYI, your little one can get dehydrated so we recommend keeping a full bottle of water on hand all summer long. This Camelback water bottle one is one of our faves. 

Smart Swim Trainer 

If you’re #blessed with access to a body of water this summer, this swim trainer comes highly recommended from parents in our community. Your little will have so much fun splashing around in this floatie. 


Speaking of swimming, you’ve got to hunt down a go-to bathing suit for your babe. We love these rashguards and bathing suits from Andie Swim! And you can get yourself a matching suit for a photo opp, too.

Water Shoes 

Whether your babe is running through the neighborhood sprinklers, the local park fountain, or at the pool, water shoes are a MUST if you want to avoid slippery falls. There are tons of options, but Crocs water shoes are a great affordable option, and are very in vogue right now.

Buzz Patches 

Looking for a better alternative to DEET for your little ones? Stick these all-natural Buzz Patches on your mini’s clothes while they run around in the backyard or local park to avoid those painful mosquito bites. Genius invention, we know.  

Water Table

If you live in an apartment or have limited outdoor space, this water table is the perfect option for your fam. It’s so fun to watch your little one splash around during hot summer days. Added bonus? It will keep them entertained for a surprisingly long time. 

Summer PJS

These lightweight summer jammies will keep your kiddos cool and cozy all summer long. Plus, they’re simple, easy, cute and reasonably priced. 


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