The Best Back to School Essentials

Whether it's their first year or they're headed back to school for another year, make sure they’re prepared with our back to school supplies list.

So, it’s mid-July and Target has completely switched their aisles from pool floats and barbecue tools to giant packs of sharpies and notebooks. *Sigh.* It’s that time again…school is almost back in session. 

Whether your mini’s school journey is just beginning or they’re headed back for another year, make sure they’re prepared right off the bat with our back to school essentials list. Don’t forget the tissues for yourself, we know you’ll need them.

1. Backpack 

This one is obvious, we know. But if you’re like us, then your kiddo is probably asking for a new one every school year. Backpacks aren’t just for holding all your kids’ extra clothes, snacks, lunches and supplies, they are a wardrobe staple and an opportunity for them to express their personality and style. You want them to feel good walking into their classroom and around the hallways with something that feels personal and comforting, so finding one that is also comfy and durable is key! They can even add pins and keychains to really put their touch on it and feel unique.

2. Lunchbox

Just like the backpack, it’s likely your mini will want a new one. With so many options to choose from, we recommend an insulated, soft-sided box or bag to ensure your kids’ food stays extra yummy and fresh, and your cleaning extra easy. Once you have the perfect lunchbox picked out, check out our top tips for packing lunch on-the-go.

3. Water bottle

Welcome to hydration nation. The selections are just getting wider and wider, but no matter what, it’s so important to keep your kids hydrated throughout the day! Send your littles to school with a reusable water bottle that also fits in their backpack. We recommend one that doesn’t leak, is insulated, easy to clean, and designed so that even your toddler can use it independently. 

4. School supplies

While many schools will continue to provide basic learning supplies, you may want to supplement your children’s stash with a few of the basics: a pencil box, writing utensils, coloring utensils, erasers, notebooks, folders, a planner/personal organizer, and if you’re feeling a little extra, some glue, scissors, a calculator, flash cards, a ruler…the list could go on forever, but you get the jist. Grab our full list here.

5. School clothes and shoes

Getting ready for the school year also includes shopping for new clothes and shoes. There is nothing like picking out your first day of school outfit! This is a great time to also change out the old socks and underwear for some newer AND cleaner pairs. Don’t forget to snap a photo!

6. Snacks

As parents, we tend to talk a lot about school lunches, but snack time is equally as important! The right snacks that are both healthy *and* fun can keep our minis’ energy up and spirits high. A great option? Little Spoon’s delicious Smoothies with hidden veggies and superfoods in every sip and zero added sugar. 

7. Personal care

Keeping your little ones happy and healthy means including things like hand sanitizer, tissues, chapstick and sunscreen. While this isn’t the fun stuff, they are the necessities to always have handy.

Don’t forget to download and print our essentials checklist to make prepping for your kiddos’ first day so much easier. Depending on your child’s age, grade, and school, their list might look a little different, so definitely make sure to review your school or teacher provided list in addition to ours. And don’t forget, we know you wanted those big packs of crayons when you were a kid too!


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