4 School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Are Sure to Love

Here are four school lunch ideas guaranteed to make your child’s midday meal a hit. Pair them with our Little Spoon snacks for a balanced feast.

It’s back-to-school time and along with the rush of school supply shopping often comes the dreaded meantime dilemma—what should I pack my kiddo’s for lunchtime?! 

Well, say goodbye to lunchbox fatigue and hello to balanced, nutritious build-it-yourself mealtime with Little Spoon’s Lunchers! Our healthy on-the-go lunches are packed with protein, hidden veggies and superfoods and made using only high-quality, junk-free and non-GMO ingredients. We’re creating craveable foods both parents + kiddos will love and feel great about. Just pop them in your kiddos lunchbox (they fit perfectly 😍), and they’re ready for easy mealtime on the go. The most delicious pizza, PB + J, chicken nuggets and brunch foods you’ll ever taste are finally here…

  1. Easy Cheesy Pizza!

Pizza for lunch? Now, that’s a party. Spread some hidden veggie tomato sauce over fluffy flatbreads and sprinkle Tillamook hormone-free mozzarella cheese on top for the perfect personal pizza. And you can’t forget dessert… artificial-free UNREAL milk chocolate gems! The Easy Cheesy Pizza Luncher is packed with 12g of protein and hidden apples, carrots, zucchini + spinach 😆. 

  1. PB Jammies!

A lunchtime classic, upgraded. Top mini whole wheat bread bites with palm oil and sugar-free peanut butter and hidden veggie strawberry jam for the most delicious PB + J. Add all-natural sprinkles for some bonus fun and yum! The PB Jammies Luncher is packed with 14g of protein and hidden kale, broccoli, spinach and chia 🤯.

  1. Chicken Dunkers!

Score a lunch slam dunk with Chicken Dunkers. Hidden veggie chicken nuggets and pizza-seasoned pretzels are ready to be dipped into our probiotic yogurt-based ranch. Paired with a better-for-you brownie for dessert that’s sweetened with applesauce. Mmm mmm mmm! The Chicken Dunkers Luncher is packed with 14g of protein and hidden cauliflower, kale, chickpea, carrots and chia 🥳. 

  1. Brunch Lunch! 

Breakfast for lunch—what could be better? Stir in our organic hemp + flaxseed granola or sprinkle it on top of our pitaya smoothie bowl featuring pitaya, banana, strawberry and hidden purple sweet potato. We’re making it a full brunch moment with antibiotic-free chicken vegetable maple sausage and a tasty zucchini muffin! The Brunch Lunch Luncher is packed with 13g of protein and hidden kale and spinach 🤩. 


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