Little Spoon Launches Rice-Free Puffs

Our USDA certified organic rice-free puffs aren't just clean and top 9 allergen free. They're built for your growing little one who's ready to grasp, pinch and chew their way into the next eating stage!

Let’s face it, introducing food to a tiny human can be an incredibly daunting task. Little Spoon is here to make things a little bit easier. From freshly made, USDA Certified Organic Babyblends made in six simple stages to a wide range of on-the-go refrigerated pouches and transition-to-table food meals made to bridge the gap between purees and table foods, Little Spoon’s mission is to simplify every step of mealtime with your mini. 

Now, Little Spoon is tackling your baby’s snack time. Meet NEW Puffs: Meltable organic baby puffs that help your babe with fine motor skill development, soothe gums and teething relief.

Why Puffs? 

We wanted to create a baby puff that did more than just supplement meal and snack time, but also helped encourage and develop self feeding skills. That’s why our puffs are offered in 2 different shapes, rings and curls, perfect for babies to develop fine motor skills and practice their grasping technique. Each shape is made for tiny hands to learn to grasp, pinch and chew. Not to mention, their meltable texture is gentle on sore, teething gums. 

How do Little Spoon Puffs help develop fine motor skills in babies?

Puffs can play a significant role in developing fine motor skills like the pincer grasp in a variety of ways:

1. Encouraging Self-Feeding: Puffs are designed to be easy for little hands to pick up. This encourages babies to practice self-feeding, which is a crucial step in developing independence and fine motor skills.

2. Pincer Grasp Practice: The size of our Puffs requires babies to use their thumb and forefinger to pick them up, which is the pincer grasp. Regular practice with picking up puffs can strengthen this grasp, which is vital for the development of fine motor skills.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination: Reaching for, grasping, and bringing the Puffs to their mouth helps babies develop hand-eye coordination, another critical component of fine motor skills.

4. Sensory Exploration: Handling and eating baby puffs involve multiple senses, including touch, taste, and smell. This sensory exploration is important for cognitive development and can also enhance motor skills as babies learn to manipulate objects with their hands.

What makes Little Spoon’s Puffs different? 

  • Two different flavors and shapes, Kale Apple Curls and Banana Pitatya Rings, to promote your baby’s palate expansion
  • Made with 6 simple ingredients, including ancient grains and avocado oil
  • Do not contain artificial ingredients, colors or added flavors
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Top 9 allergen free and made with absolutely no rice, seed oils or added sugars
  • Pinchable, graspable, the perfect size for tiny hands
  • Built alongside a speech pathologist

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