How To Prepare and Serve Little Spoon Meals

Discover countless ways to prepare and serve your Little Spoon meals! From microwaving to air frying, find the perfect method for your baby's palate.

ICYMI, Little Spoon offers something for every kiddo at every stage. Yep, we’re talking from first bites to finger foods. As parents, we know that there can be endless ways to prepare your little one’s food and it can be confusing and overwhelming on how to pick the best method. We’re breaking down the best serving methods for each of Little Spoon’s product lines. Have a read: 


Most babies enjoy their Babyblends at room temperature or slightly warmer, just like their breastmilk or formula. To warm them up gently, remove them from the fridge and pop them into a container in a shallow bowl of warm water, giving it a gentle stir.

In a hurry? If you prefer using the microwave, transfer the blend to a microwave-safe bowl and ensure it’s baby-safe before serving. Always test to be sure Blends are at the right temperature before serving! 

Mealtime is made easy with four different ways to warm and fill those tummies!

  1. Microwaving Made Easy: For a quick and convenient meal, pop your Plates in the microwave for 90 seconds. Let them rest for a minute before removing the seal. If they’re frozen, add an extra 10-20 seconds. For Biteables, a short heat of around 45 seconds should warm them through.
  2. Stovetop Delights: Heat up nuggets, pupusas, or Pizza Pockets on medium-high heat with a spritz of your favorite cooking oil. Towards the end, stir in some veggies and sides to ensure everything is heated to perfection.
  3. Oven Magic: Preheat your oven to a cozy 350º. Place your Little Spoon goodies in an oven-safe dish and let them warm up for 5-8 minutes, filling your kitchen with irresistible aromas.
  4. Air fryer Crispiness: Transfer your Little Spoon delights to an oven-safe dish and set your air fryer to 350º. Let them crisp up for 5 minutes, giving them a beautiful golden brown finish.


Smoothies are designed to be served cold. Remove right from the fridge and enjoy! Storing in the freezer? Either thaw slowly in the fridge starting at least 24 hours before serving or use the warm water technique!

Bonus: They can be used as a slow-release, edible cool pack on warm days in your lunchbox. YUM!

ON THE GO? Keep meals warm on the go (at school, at the park, on the road) with a preheated thermos. Simply boil water, pour it into your insulated vessel of choice and pre-heat for 10 minutes (don’t forget the lid!). Then dump out, dry off with a paper towel and add your food. Voila!

Bon Appétit, my little one!


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