4 Tips For Navigating Pregnancy During COVID-19

Little Spoon Care Team Member, Taylor, shares her experience with pregnancy during COVID-19.

Bringing a child into this world is never easy, but during a global pandemic…let’s just say anxiety levels crank up a notch or two. Little Spoon Care Team Member, Taylor, found herself just about nine months pregnant when COVID-19 started spreading to the US. Here’s her advice, from mom to mom, on how she kept her fears at bay during the final weeks of her pregnancy.

Being pregnant can be a wonderful, empowering, and incredibly special time. But it also brings about anxiety, fear and LOTS of emotions (hello hormones, Dr. Google, mom blogs, general opinions of others…). Add in a global pandemic and state-mandated quarantines, and any mom-to-be is bound to feel downright TERRIFIED at the thought of growing and birthing a little human in the midst of all of this. Here are some tips to stay grounded during an exciting and crazy time.

Stay calm. I know, easier said than done, but what I mean by this is to not wallow in unnecessary amounts of stress. Your health and the health of your babe (or babes!) depend on it. Focus on ‘controlling the controllables’ of your particular situation. And try to stay rational. It’s incredibly likely that many will also develop seasonal allergies, colds, flus, etc. during this time so try not to jump to conclusions and escalate your stress and worry at every sniffle.

With that being said, do monitor yourself and be in tune with your body. If you notice you aren’t feeling well, try to keep track of dates and symptoms so that you can be in touch with your doctor and/or OB and relay accurate information that can help them diagnose you quickly. If something feels off, go with your gut and reach out to a provider that can help you.

Fact check. Now is not (I repeat NOT) the time to rely on anecdotes from your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister, Debbie, on Facebook or get click-happy late at night. There is a lot of unsubstantiated and downright incorrect information out there that isn’t coming from the medical community and that can be dangerous to read and follow.Try to make sure that you’re speaking to someone on your medical team or those close to you in the medical field, and referring to credible, vetted sources if you need advice. There’s a reason that your average citizen is not able to prescribe medication or contribute to medical journals—remember that!

Isolate and don’t feel pressured. The biggest recommendation to protect from bugs and viruses (even when combatting regular colds and flus) is to stay as far away from germy situations as possible. In these crazy times, that may mean total isolation in whatever ways you can. While it’s inconvenient, I would urge anyone expecting at this time or recently giving birth to take this super super seriously. Don’t feel pressured to bring yourself (or your new babe!) to gatherings or to have guests over if you just aren’t comfortable—everyone will understand and respect your decision. And remember, this is 2020! If you need something and are uneasy about braving the outside world, just be safe and order in (groceries, Babyblends, wine!) Just be sure to wipe things down when they arrive.

Stay positive and take care of yourself. A positive attitude does wonders during hard times, if you’re pregnant you’ll feel better and if your little is already here, they will certainly feed off that energy! The best way to stay healthy and positive is to take care of yourself—take breaks and naps when you’re able, make sure you’re eating well and often enough, wash your hands frequently and try to maintain some kind of exercise (even a super brief walk!) during the time you’re stuck inside. Your body and babe will thank you. Keep in mind that babies never stop being born—throughout all hard times in history! You’re a mom now, you’ve got this.

Our friends at Robyn know how important maternal wellness and education are, and believe it should be accessible to everyone. If you’re currently pregnant, check out their free Maternal Education Courses on topics like childbirth and feeding your baby. With stay-at-home orders across the country, many women have to forgo childbirth courses and even doctor’s appoints—Robyn has stepped in help you navigate bringing your little one into the world during this new normal.

 Taylor welcomed baby Theo into the world (and Little Spoon fam) on Friday, March 27th at 12:28pm EST.

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