8 Outdoor Activities For Your Kids This Summer

A few of our favorite ways to get our minis outside and movin'.

We don’t know exactly where Spring went, but we DO know that Summer is upon us, ladies and gentlemen! With another summer that looks difference then those that came before, us parents better get back to our roots and channel our camper days. Here are a few of our faves to get our minis outside and movin’!

Backyard obstacle course 

Rally your babes to help you make an obstacle course in the backyard. Use what you have around the house—lay down some hoola hoops, pots, and pans or anything that your little can jump into, on, or over. Adding stations like jump roping or jumping jacks will help them get active as well. Once it’s ready, set the timer and see how fast they can get through!  If you’re really an overachiever, you can even create an epic ninja warrior course like this dad.

Nature scavenger hunt 

A classic day camp activity that gets your little ones learning and on the move. Create a scavenger hunt that they can do in the backyard. Get a list together of a few things you know that they can find and share some fun facts along the way. Don’t forget to give them a checklist to keep track!

Sidewalk chalk

Whether your babes are practicing spelling words, drawing photos, or making a maze in the driveway, sidewalk chalk is one of the most fun and versatile ways to get your mini outside. A personal favorite? Let your babe channel their inner artist to transform your driveway into your neighborhood: let them draw the house, roads, school, fire station, etc. and play pretend as they walk through!

Host a talent show 

Maybe this brings back nightmares from summers past or maybe it was your favorite day of the year. Either way, let your minis know that they need to prepare an “act,” whether that be a dance, song, cartwheel, or acting performance. Really want to have some fun? Have your partner step in as the MC. Get the popcorn ready, you’re in for a treat.

Play a sport

Without summer camp or organized school sports teams, it can be tough to get your babe active. Introducing them to a new game like four square, wiffle ball, softball, or soccer in the backyard or your local park is a great way to get them movin’. Not to mention, this might make bedtime like, way easier. Thank us later, mama.

Water the flowers

If it’s an extra hot day, getting water involved is always a good way to stay cool. What’s even better? Getting some chores done as you go. Hand your mini the hose or a little watering can and tell them to get to work around the yard. Not only will they feel special for helping out, they’re bound to have some fun spraying and splashing along with you.

Water balloon fight

Want to take that water activity one step further? You guessed it, water balloon fight! Separate each team into colors, load the amo, and get ready to rock. Don’t be surprised if it ends up being a ton of fun for you, too.

Star gazing

All of our favorite camp memories involve quiet nights stargazing. Seriously, there’s nothing more magical than laying on your back and seeing the big dipper for the first time. Recreate a bit of that camp magic with your little ones by setting up a picnic blanket, grabbing some binoculars if you have them, and pointing out a few of the constellations to your fam (don’t worry, there’s an app for that!).

Or maybe just ask your kid to hold an egg. ?

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