10 Tips for Pumping On The Go 

Finding yourself with a leaky breast in public and have no idea how to pump on the go? Tommee Tippee is here to solve all your pumping probs.

Finding yourself out of the house, leaking breast milk in public, and can’t figure out how the heck to pump on the go? We’ve all been there, and it’s why we tapped Tommee Tippee to help solve all our pumping problems. 

ICYMI, Tommee Tippee is one of the fastest growing infant feeding brands in the United States, but the feeding support doesn’t stop with your baby! They know that feeding your baby isn’t easy, so they’re here to support your tatas AND defend your right to feed – however, whenever and wherever you choose. Their new Made for Me In-Bra Wearable Breast Pump, a completely portable, hands-free and discreet wearable pump, makes pumping whenever and wherever easier than ever before. 

Here are their top 10 tips every traveling parent needs for pumping on the go: 

1. Arm yourself with the right nursing bra.

A supportive, well-fitting nursing bra in the correct size holds up the weight of your breasts and helps minimize back + boob pain. We love Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me In-Bra Wearable Pump because it comes with two bra adjusters so you can easily extend the size of your cup while pumping.

2. Find the right position for you. 

When pumping, it’s crucial that you find a position that’s not only comfortable for you, but also encourages the best milk flow. Your baby might have a few ‘favorite positions’ for feeding that could be helpful to emulate when pumping for better flow. 

3. Keep yourself and baby comfortable.

Your tatas are likely feeling it, so utilizing a pump that mimics your baby’s natural suckling sensation is key for your comfort. A first of its kind and unlike other pumps with a traditional “sawtooth” pressure profile, Tommee Tippee’s new patented ConstantComfort technology does exactly that and even holds the pump in place for an effective, yet gentle pumping experience.

4. Bring a cooler. 

A breast milk cooler bag is a must-have for on-the-go pumping. These insulated bags ensure your milk bottles, storage bags and other supplies remain at a safe, cool temperature. That breast milk is gold! 

5. Ensure proper nipple alignment.

Especially useful in ill-lit settings, the Made for Me In-Bra Wearable Pump comes with a nipple alignment light to ensure a perfect fit for a better and more comfortable positioning of your nipple by using the light guide to direct you and an overall more efficient experience.

6. Trust yourself.

You know your body and your baby best. No two feeding journeys will look the same, so always do what’s best for you and don’t compare your unique experience to others. Fed is best and there are increasingly wonderful options for parents when it comes to caring for your baby.  

7. Feed directly from the pump.

Talk about a parenting win— utilizing a pump that includes a multi-purpose bottle helps free up precious diaper bag space and we are here for it. Tommee Tippee’s 5 oz pump milk collector bottle is compatible with Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Bottle screw rings and nipples, meaning you can make your own bottle on the go, keeping extra supplies to a minimum. The pump comes with two Closer to Nature nipples as well. 

8. Know your body. 

Having a newborn is tiring enough, so understanding all the ins and outs of pumping—like when to massage, when to express, tracking milk production, choosing intensity and more— can be a real challenge. Apps like the Tommee Tippee Smart App allow you to choose between massage and expression, adjust intensity, and register which breast you’re using. It also shows a visual of how full your milk collector bottle is, so you don’t have to check manually, and it tells you how long you’ve been pumping.

9. Speak up when returning to work.

Back to work can mean uncomfortable pumping scenarios that no parent deserves. Let your office know that you’re going to be expressing breast milk at work, and that you need a clean, well-lit, ventilated and comfortable place to do so in – a bathroom or empty office isn’t good enough. You can also ask your HR team if they have a breastfeeding policy to support your transition back to work. 

10. Know when to ask for help.

You know what’s hard? Everything parenting! Breastfeeding is just one piece of the endless newness parents face. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  We <3 companies like Tommee Tippee that offer complimentary 1:1 product trainings so that you can feel empowered and confident while pumping. 

The Made for Me In-Bra Wearable Breast Pump is available now and sold exclusively at Walmart for $297. 


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