Does my kid get sick too often?

Now that my kid is in preschool, keeping them healthy has become a really crappy full-time job.

Hi Is This Normal,

I thought trying to keep my baby healthy was stressful, but now that my kid is in preschool, it’s become a really crappy full-time job that I am failing at every turn. It seems like no matter what I do, my kid always has a cold or a cough or a runny nose. We’ll get a week or two or relief, and then boom! Here comes another cold. Is this normal?! And what can I do to keep the germs away once and for all and keep my kid healthy?


Sick of being sick

Dear Sick of Being Sick,

Ohhhhhhhh man. Do I relate to this. SO HARD. Until I had kids, I did not realize you could be sick all of the damn time! I was not prepared for the constant stream of snot. As babies, it seemed easy enough to keep them healthy—just keep them away from people and smack the hand of anyone who tries to touch their precious face.

But now that they’re kids in the wild and surrounded by other kids? It’s a lost battle. My completely unscientific-but-definitely-true theory is that kids are gross. Germs thrive on their grimy little hands and faces. If you’ve ever seen your toddler stick their hand directly into their mouth after digging in the dirt, then you know this is just a fact. But aside from trying not to gag, what we want most when our babies are sick is to help.

The tricky thing is, when it comes to cold and cough remedies for kids, things get a little murky. There are lots of over-the-counter medicines on the market, but they’re not recommended for kids under 4 years of age.

But! This doesn’t mean you’re SOL when it comes to cold remedies for toddlers and youngins. Good old-fashioned hot water with lemon and honey can go a long way. Pop a humidifier in their room while they sleep to help break up nasal and chest congestion. Help them get better faster by keeping them hydrated and well-rested. For an added layer of protection and help (which we could ALL use from time to time), give them a Boost(er) of vitamins and probiotics—Little Spoon’s new line of Boosters mix right in to food and drinks, so your kids will be none-the-wiser and all-the-stronger.

Now, as for keeping them from bringing home YET ANOTHER plague, I recommend a bubble! Kidding. Kidding. Since we can’t keep our kids at home all the time, or send them out in some sort of germ-resistant force field, we have to try our hands at other ways to boost their immunity and fight off these colds. The easiest way to boost your kid’s immunity is through diet, rest, and exercise. Make sure they’re getting plenty of fruits and veggies, lots of sleep, and stay active! And above all, stress the importance of regular hand-washing. This one seems to be the hardest for them to grasp, because— again—they’re gross. I stand in solidarity with you, Sick of Being Sick. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Yours in Snot,

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