8 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day (Even in Quarantine)

Time to mark your calendars because no one deserves a day of celebration more than mom right now!

VERY IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. I repeat, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. We know the days (and weeks) have been blending together more than ever. So, time to mark your calendars ladies and gentleman because no one deserves a day of celebration more than mom right now!

If you’re anything like us, all of your fun Mother’s Day rituals are not quite quarantine proof. So, we put our thinking caps on to come up with some ways to make mom feel extra special come May 10th. Hey mom, if you’re reading this, forward it along ASAP.

Give mom a customized coupon set

This idea might be reminiscent of your childhood last minute gift to mom but it’s extremely valuable in the time of quarantine. The gift that keeps on giving. Grab a deck of notecards or a small notebook and make mom a coupon set for the best at-home gifts. Need a little inspiration? Here are some of ours faves:  “movie night with the fam,” “an hour of cuddles,” “a reminder that you’re f*cking awesome,” “an afternoon off,” “dinner of your choice,” “10 minutes of alone time,” etc. Watch out, mama can redeem at any time!  

Treat her to a spa day

Whoever says baths are overrated are seriously wrong. Since we can’t send mom to the spa, let’s recreate it at home! Put your minis to work and get them involved in moms at-home spa day. Step 1: Let your little’s help set the scene by helping clean up and put away the toys around the bathroom. Next, dim the lights (or turn them off completely) and light mom’s favorite candles. Step 2, prepare the bath: turn on that hot water and pour in a nice mixture of bath salts or bubbles. Step 3, add your best finishing touches: a glass of wine or cup of tea next to the bath along with mom’s favorite book, magazine, or face mask and play some Enya over your speakers (if you know, you know). Yep, we feel pretty good about this one. 

Cook up a DIY brunch

Brunch is a Mother’s Day classic in our house. This year, take mom to breakfast at the fanciest cafe in town…your kitchen table! Set your alarm a little early to whip up mama’s breakfast faves: eggs and bacon, waffles, pancakes, you name it! Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops—cloth napkins, silverware, that Instagram-famous whipped coffee, and waiters (aka your kids) dressed to the nines. Remember, the fam’s on clean up duty, too.

Get fancy with a customized photo puzzle 

Every puzzle on the internet is sold out, so make your own. Cheesy? Yes. A fun, mindless activity to get you through the next few days? Absolutely. What better way to pass the time than agonize where a tiny piece of cardboard fits? Answer: agonizing over what piece of cardboard fits to complete your very own family photo! Make your family’s customizable puzzle here.  

Make a donation in her name

Scrolling through the news as we sit in our houses all day can often make us feel so helpless with everything going on. Instead of a Mother’s Day gift, write a thoughtful note along with a donation to frontline workers, a local food bank, your favorite neighborhood restaurant, or mom’s favorite cause. This just might make mom feel a little lighter today.

Create a video montage

Since we’ve all been leaning on technology now more than ever to connect with one another, send a quick text to your loved ones asking them to take a short video wishing mom a Happy Mother’s day and sharing what they admire most about her! Reach out to parents, grandparents, best friends, and close co-workers a week or so before the big day to give them enough time to get their videos in. Once the clips are in, you can easily combine them on iMovie! Seeing the faces of the people she misses will make Mother’s Day that much more special. 

Give Mom the day off

Chances are that mom has been spending the last 8+ weeks (but who’s counting?) working, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, sanitizing groceries, the list goes on. Basically, however she’s been spending her quarantine, it’s likely she’s been holding down the fort. So, on Mother’s Day, ask mom to pass the baton. Let the rest of the quarantine team take care of the cooking and cleaning and give mom a day to just BE. If you’re looking for another way to make her life easier every day, gift her some Little Spoon and let us take care of mealtime. Fresh, organic baby food without lifting a finger or picking up a blender? Trust us, she’ll thank you.

Tell her how much you appreciate her (!!!)

We know this sounds so simple, but that’s because it IS. And yet, so often we forget. Motherhood can often feel like a thankless job. So, put up a big sign in the kitchen, write her a thoughtful note about what she means to you, have your babes make her art or handwritten cards. Scream it from the mountain tops, people! If nothing else, make her feel seen, loved, and appreciated today.


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