How To Make Cleaning Fun For Your Little One

How to trick your minis into thinking that cleaning is actually fun.

Now that we have lots (and lots) of time at home, we’re going to have to get a little creative as we entertain our little ones. This feels like a perfect opportunity to trick our kids into believing that our long list of chores around the house is actually fun. 

While you and your partner are vacuuming the floor or doing the dishes, give your babe a fun task—make rules, create challenges, or time them! If you get 20 minutes of ‘me’ time out of this, it’s a win in our book.

  • Sing a song as you clean—whether it be while they wash their hands or wipe off the table after a meal.
  • Toddlers seem to always respond well to a timing challenge. Tell your mini you want to see how fast they can clean up after themselves and set the clock. They’ll be sure to whiz away at whatever task you give them.
  • Timer round two. See how many toys your babe can pick up in under one minute! Be sure to pull out all the dramatics as you set the clock.
  • Play a sorting game. Organize your toys into bins and baskets and designate each bin for a different type of toy. This way you can ask your little to put back all of the blocks in the blocks bin, and help them learn to group toys in a fun way.
  • Use a point system. Every time your mini helps you or your partner clean up, they get a point. First to five points gets a special prize (makeshift crown, 10 min extra screen time, etc).
  • Have more than one little one on your hands? Use that sibling rivalry to your advantage! Make whatever cleaning task you have at hand a competition (whoever has the cleanest play area, cleanest hands, etc. wins the game)!

While we may not all be traditional educators, having our kiddos at home gives us the opportunity to introduce them to everyday responsibilities – and that’s quite a critical set of lessons to learn! Even if you have to bribe them into twirling around with a broom, it’s important that they are introduced to the concept of chores at an early age so that it becomes ingrained in their routine as they grow up. Plus, we’re not complaining if it grants a few extra minutes of R & R for us.

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