Start the New Year Fresh with These 7 Ingredients

Introducing new ingredients to your baby in the new year is key to setting them up for a lifetime of health.

With every new year comes a fresh opportunity to jumpstart a healthy routine for your fam. So, naturally, we put together a list of nutrient-dense ingredients that you can incorporate into your family’s meal + snacks this year. 


This sesame-based sauce is officially a household staple. It’s versatile, rich in omega-6 fatty acids and easy to blend into any meal or snack. Get your little on board the tahini train (sorry, we had to) with Little Spoon’s Tahini Banana Bread Smoothie made with tahini from artisan partner Seed + Mill

Purple Carrot 

When people say eat the rainbow, we’re pretty sure they had purple carrots in mind. Not only are they fun to look at, they actually contain twice the amount of vitamin A as orange carrots…Who knew!? Introduce this fun ingredient to your little with Little Spoon’s Purple Carrot Babyblend or Purple Carrot Acai Bowl Smoothie!


Let’s face it, not all grains are created equal. That’s why we like to opt for farro. This ancient grain is a great source of fiber and protein. Plus, it tastes so delicious in Little Spoon’s Ancient Grain Cheesy Sticks with kale pesto and green beans. 

Golden Beets

The *golden* child of the beet family, this root vegetable is high in powerful antioxidants. Not to mention, the golden beet is sweeter than its darker counterpart, making it a good option for young eaters. Incorporate this nutrient-dense ingredient into your LO’s diet with Little Spoon’s Golden Apple Pie Smoothie


No surprises here! Packed with vitamins A, K + C, kale is the green that trumps all other greens. We know it can be tough to get your kiddo to eat the green stuff, so we recommend Little Spoon’s Kale Avocado Green Apple Chia blend for babes and Pancake Puffs with Hidden Veggie Chicken Maple Sausage and Roasted Sweet Potato for big kids! 

Oat Milk 

If you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative to milk, look no further. Oat milk has taken the world by storm and for good reason. It’s high in fiber and plant-based protein and also insanely delicious. Intro your little to this dairy-free milk with Little Spoon’s Cherry Berry Chia Pudding Smoothie.


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