5 New Ingredients to Introduce to Your Baby or Toddler

Who said your little's mealtime has to be boring? Introduce your baby to new flavors with these 5 ingredients.

Anyone else sometimes feel like their kiddo eats better than them? Yep, us too. While you might be jealous of your babe’s expanding palate, you’re actually doing them a favor. The first 18 months of life are known as the “flavor window” where you can introduce your little one to a variety of flavors and textures. Doing so helps set them up for a lifetime of health and helps prevent picky eating later in life. 

So, whether you’re starting solids or looking to spice up your toddler’s mealtime, here’s a rundown of 5 new ingredients to introduce to your mini.

Purple Carrot

Don’t sleep on purple carrots! While their nutritional composition mimics that of your common orange carrot, their unique color offers a fun adventure food for your little eater. . This beta-carotene rich veg supports your kiddo’s eye health and immune function. Instead of chopping, peeling and mashing, opt for Little Spoon’s Purple Carrot Acai Bowl Smoothie (bonus points for also intro’ing acai here) for your toddler or big kid.


Pretty sure we had our first guava at age 24…but you can bet we’re adding this to our little one’s diet stat. This tropical fruit is loaded with fiber and vitamins B + C, aiding in digestion and supporting the immune system. You probably won’t be able to find guava in your local market year round, so Little Spoon’s Guava Babyblend is the way to go. Who said starting solids had to be boring?!


Chickpeas are one of our all time favorite ingredients for plant-powered protein, so we’re getting our mini started on them early. Little Spoon’s Cookies + Cream Smoothie sounds like dessert, but packs a nutritious punch thanks in part to the inclusion of chickpeas. You can also find them in Little Spoon’s Chicken Super Nuggets and Chickpea Spinach Dippers.


We love a versatile root veggie and parsnip checks all the boxes. It’s full of iron and rich in a range of vitamins to help support your babe’s heart function and overall health. Parsnip makes a great option for first bites and Little Spoon has you covered once again with their smooth Parsnip Babyblend. For your toddlers + big kids, it gives Little Spoon’s dairy-free Cacio E Pepe Plate its creamy texture and an added kick of nutrition.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower Seed Butter is having a moment and we’re here for it. This powerful plant-based protein is a delicious alternative to nut butter and packed with healthy fats. We love a good PB+J at any time of day, so we’re stocking up on Little Spoon’s Sunbutter + Jelly Smoothie—an allergy-friendly twist on our favorite snack packed with banana, blackberries, sunflower seed butter and antioxidant-rich beets.


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