How TF do I…prepare for labor & delivery?

Not sure how to prepare for labor? Rachel Nicks is here to share everything you need to know before you start delivering your baby.

Also known as: packing your hospital bag frantically, major contractions and screaming, “It’s happening!” to your partner.

Our advice: 

  • Make a birth preferences list – plans change, so don’t get your heart set on one or more things.
  • Take a childbirth education class to feel more empowered. 
  • Take breastfeeding classes. Knowledge is power! 
  • Hire a doula to coach you through the process and be your go-to for all questions asked. 
  • Hire postpartum support to help with doctors appointments, breastfeeding support and more.
  • Pack your hospital bag with the essentials: extra pillow, birth ball, aroma therapy, electric candles/lights, music, shower shoes, PJs, outfit to go home in, hair ties, snacks, coconut water/ gatorade/seltzer water, change of clothes and snacks for your partner, nursing bra, favorite toiletries to feel fresh and clean postpartum, baby’s first outfit, electronics and chargers,, postpartum bloomers and leggings.
  • Don’t forget to bring the car seat to the hospital! Yes, it happens. 
  • Prepare your care team for postpartum – have them set up food deliveries, house cleaning and help with the baby so you can shower and rest. 

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