How TF do I…prep my child for the first day of school?

Summer fun is coming to an end and a new season is among us. Here is all you need to know before you start school.

Also known as: first day jitters, new routines and new stresses

Our advice: 

  • Adjust bedtimes and wake times – set your kid’s sleep schedules back to “school time” two weeks before the first day to get them on the right track. 
  • Read daily – even reading 20 minutes a day will help them get back into the books, literally. 
  • Whether it’s the TV or iPad, summer freebies are over. Set times and sub out extra watching time with fun, educational toys. 
  • Prep the night before – pick out their outfit and pack a lunch to avoid hectic mornings. 
  • Stock up on school supplies – bring your kiddo along for the ride to Target or Staples and let them pick out their favorites to get them excited. 
  • Understand how your little is feeling and talk about their feelings as they prepare for all the newness.  
  • Practice key skills with your kiddo – opening their lunch box, zipping a coat, putting on shoes…and yes, learning how to wipe their own butt is a new toddler-task too!  
  • Set up playdates with other kids in the class if it’s possible. Having a familiar face when they get to class will be comforting. 

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