12 Holiday Gifts for the Parents in Your Life

The holiday season is somehow upon us once again, so we’ve got you covered with a few holiday gifts for the parents in your life.

The holiday season is somehow upon us once again (apparently it’s almost 2022?). If you’re anything like us and want to avoid frantically heading to the mall to hunt for last minute gifts from the days of December 20th-24th, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite holiday gifts that the parents in your life *actually* want. 

Date night

A night out (or in) with your partner is a highly coveted gift as a parent…In fact, it tops the list every year. So, whether you buy your fave duo tickets to see a fun band, cover a sitter for their kiddos while the head off to dinner or give them a gift card to a romantic restaurant or hotel, they will love you *extra* this year. 

The Nugget

Sold out again…and again. This ‘infinitely-configurable play couch’ seems to be the hot ticket item for families these days. From lounging to climbing and making forts, this couch seemingly does it all. Give this gift to any parent that needs their kiddos to be entertained while they binge the latest Nicole Kidman mini-series.

Monica + Andy Matching Set 

We know matching with your mini seem cheesy to some but they’re only this small once, OK?! Plus, is there anything better than finally capturing the perfect family photo in matching outfits? We recco the sets from our friends over at Monica + Andy.

Dad Grass Parent Pack

Say hello to the perfect addition to any stressed-out parent’s night stand. Dad Grass’s Parent Pack comes with a Mom Grass and Dad Grass box, each filled with five 100% CBD rolled joints. Made with organic hemp flowers and no nasty preservatives or fillers, these joints are pretty much rated PG.

Is This Normal: The Game 

Know a parent who needs a laugh? This game has it covered. The perfect stocking stuffer or dinner party gift, the Is This Normal Q&A cards are co-written with Simon Holland and create hilarious, embarrassing, and often inappropriate combos…kind of like having a toddler.

A massage

If you want to give a parent something they actually *need*, you might as well give them the gift of R&R. A gift certificate to a local spa with an hour-long massage is a home run for any stressed parent around the holidays. 

Osprey Baby Carrier

We all have that ~adventurous~ parent in our lives that would rather spend their weekend outside hiking than at a boozy brunch while they overpay a sitter. This baby carrier from Osprey will be the perfect companion to their family hiking trips. Trust us on this one.  

Seedlip Spirits Set

Not only are these trendy non-alcoholic spirits from Seedlip an incredibly sophisticated addition to your bar cart, they also feel like an indulgent nightcap for any parent who is pregnant, breastfeeding or simply wants to avoid the hangover when their toddler wakes them up at 5AM. 

Digital photo frame 

This one’s for the parent who painstakingly documents every moment of their child’s life (so, basically everyone with an iPhone). These digital picture frames filter through the photos on your phone and basically create a mini shrine to your children…Talk about genius. Pro tip: Grandparents love this one too. 

Diptyque Candle Set

We know it’s cliche, but is there any gift better than a really nice candle? This Diptyque Candle Set is a go-to for anyone that has an affinity for the finer things in life. Plus, it’s a gentle reminder for them to sit back and take time for themselves for once. 

Slip Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Know a parent who could use a few extra hours of sleep? Ha, yeah…trick question. This gift set from Slip includes a luxurious silk pillowcase and sleep mask, making it 10x easier to sneak in those extra zzz’s sun up or sun down.  

Little Spoon

Not to toot our own horns or anything, but if you want to take mealtime off your favorite busy parent’s plate, Little Spoon is the perfect gift. Whether they’re just introducing their babe to solids or dealing with a picky toddler, Little Spoon has fresh, healthy meals that will help set their kiddos up for a lifetime of health.


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