16 Gifts For Every Type of Parent in 2022

'Tis the season for fresh gift ideas for *every* parent.

Let’s be honest, the well for new gift ideas is drier than your baby’s fresh diaper. That’s where we come in. Parents everywhere rejoice— this mega list of gifts you ACTUALLY want this holiday season is ready for you to forward to everyone you know. Bonus points: we’ve got exclusive discounts on tons of top brands just for you.

For The Proactive Parent

Lovevery Play Kits

Toys that develop your kiddo’s smarts AND deliver right to your door? Yep, setting your child up as a future Einstein has never been easier. This award-winning toy company is developed by child development experts, based on brain science and, most delightful, the play kits are genuinely beautiful.

The perfect gift for parents who want to see their mini’s potential realized….so, everyone. Play Kits are available from ages 0-4 years old and subscriptions start at just $36/month.

For The Sleep-Centric Parent

Newton Kids’ Mattress

Rest easy knowing your little one is laying their perfect little head down on the cleanest kid’s mattress on the market. 100% breathable, washable, firm and oh-so-comfortable, the Newton mattress is ready to take on wear and tear with ease, all while providing your little one award-winning comfort.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use code “Kids20” for 20% off Newton Kids’ Mattress*

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Limit one per customer.

For The Inner Child Parent

Magic Spoon Cereal

Miss the days you yourself were a kiddo slurping up the sugary goodness that was early 90s cereal? Us too. So when we discovered Magic Spoon we knew it was love at first sight (and not just because we both love to spoon). This tasty cereal feeds your inner child with all the flavors you love— 0 grams of sugar and 13-14 grams of complete protein in every serving.

Fuel up on the most important meal of the day with all your childhood faves like Frosted, Fruity, Cocoa, and Peanut Butter.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use code “ISTHISNORMAL” for $5 off your Magic Spoon order.

For The Pumping Parent

Babyation “The Pump”

Know someone expecting? Ready to treat yourself to an upgrade? You haven’t seen a pump like the one designed by Babyation, and we really mean it. World’s smallest breast shields, ultra-quiet motor, vacuum-boost technology™, easy to clean, app-controllable, completely discreet…need we go on?

The Pump is a total game-changer and you can’t beat the price.

For The “I’ve Got An Outfit For That” Parent

kidpik Style Subscription Box

There’s a reason this style subscription box for kids has over 4.5 stars with over 25 THOUSAND reviews. With sizes ranging from 12 months to size 16 and styles for every outfit need you can think of, kidpik offers personalized clothing boxes curated for your kiddo. And just like that, your mini-me is *officially* more fashionable than you. Talk about holiday magic! No commitment or styling fees + free shipping and returns.

For The Spotless Kitchen Parent

Lalo 3-in-1 Chair

A must-have for a good meal? A comfortable chair to enjoy it in. A little known fact: what seat your child sits in to eat is actually critical to developing healthy eating habits. Lalo has your little one’s comfort and style on lock.

Safe, beautiful, and built to last, the 3-in-1 Chair by Lalo was voted Best High Chair by Forbes and by parents everywhere— it has over 1,000 5-star reviews.

For The Grooming Parent

Athena Club Razor Kit

Get your groom on with an award-winning razor that makes shaving feel like a treat. Clean ingredients, high quality materials, nourishing shave foam and body care, the Athena Club products officially make shaving feel like self-care. Built for how people actually shave, these razors are a true treat.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use code “LITTLESPOON” to purchase the razor kit for $9 $5.*

*For first time customers only.

For The Feeding Parent

Little Spoon

Looking for a fresh take on mealtime for your mini? Little Spoon has you on lock with meals, snacks + more for the baby stage through to the big kid years. Is there a greater gift than knowing your kiddo is eating nutritious, delicious and free-of-artificial-anything clean food? We think not.

Best part? Everything ships to your door, is freezer friendly and ready in just seconds. BRB, we’ve got to go heat up some Chicken Pot Stickers.

For The Diapering Parent


My baby’s diaper is definitively cooler than every other kid on the block—and yours can be too! Freestyle Diapers pair creativity and style with high quality materials for the ultimate diaper envy. Utilizing proprietary BambooTek tree-free materials, these diapers are sustainable and consciously crafted, making it easy for you to feel good and your kiddo to look fly AF.

For The Gamer Parent

Is This Normal Game

Gather around parent friends, and prepare to laugh at your own expense with this hilarious card game built by yours truly. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more hilarious, rewarding, challenging and fun than parenthood and this card game proves it. At just $24.99, it makes for the perfect holiday gift for new and expecting parents this season.

For The Sustainable Parent


Sustainable? Check. Comfortable? Check. Stylish? Check. Kindly is on a mission to make the world a kinder place with easy-to-access sustainable products. Judging by how comforted my girls feel in this plant-based bra, they’re crushing the game. Kindly apparel is sourced from recycled material, making it easy to feel good + look good while loving up on our Mother Earth.

For The Puzzling Parent

JIGGY Puzzles

The whole family can (and should) immediately get jiggy with it this holiday season with this female-founded and entirely woman-run puzzle company that has reinvented the humble jigsaw. From kid-friendly puzzlers to complex brainteasers for parents to reconnect over, JIGGY makes modern puzzles with a mission.

Unplug and unwind with these meditative and modern puzzles that support artists around the world. Check out their seasonal designs – Festive Dinos 100 pc JIGGY Junior kids puzzle (ages ~4-8) or 450 pc Nutcracker puzzle (older kids- adult).

For The Googly-Eyed Parent

Nanit Pro Camera

OK, we’re obsessed with Nanit Pro Camera and it’s not just because they feed our ultimate obsession (our child, obviously). The Nanit Pro Camera is the world’s most advanced baby monitor, using cutting-edge camera to track your baby’s movements and offering a crystal-clear picture of almost everything that happens in and around the crib. As if that’s not enough, they also offer expert coaching, personalized tips AND they’re the only smart monitor with a split screen feature . Staring at BOTH our children?! Heart be still!

Better nights (and days) for the whole family.

For The Fitness Parent

Obé Fitness 30-Day Free Trial

Actually achieve your 2022 New Years resolution right in the nick of time with the gift of Obé Fitness. Thousands of workouts, instructors that become your BFFs, no leaderboards, no guilt trips— just a great time. Try 20+ class types like Sculpt, Dance, HIIT, Strength, Pilates, and Yoga all with a range of talented, hilarious and electrifying instructors. OH and did we mention you’re doing ALL of this from your living room? Yes, we’re serious. Sign up for a routine you can ACTUALLY fit into your schedule and while you’re at it, get your family to join too!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use code “LITTLESPOON22” for a 30-day FREE trial.

For The Screen-Free Parent

Yoto Player

Screentime? Never heard of her. The Yoto Player offers kids access to an inspiring world of audio WITHOUT the microphones, cameras and screens. This little gift that keeps giving has over 1,000 stories, music and activities that your little one won’t be able to get enough of—trust us, we ended up getting the travel size to save our car rides and we’re never looking back.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use code “YOTOHOLIDAY10” to receive 10% off the Yoto Player and/or the Peaceful Baby Bundle.*

*Offer ends December 31, 2022. Discount cannot be used in combination with other promotions.

For The Cozy + Chic Parent

LOFT Loungewear

We haven’t felt this good since we rolled up in our first velour jumpsuit for the 8th grade dance. Hello comfy, cute and easy all wrapped in one. LOFT’s Lou & Grey loungewear means looking AND feeling like your best is actually possible. Oh, and did we mention their stylish matching sets are made with super soft fabrics that feel good as new, wash after wash? Count us in.


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