5 Simple Food Swaps to Boost Nutrition 

If you're looking for easy and healthy substitutions to improve your lifestyle, we have 5 easy tips that will give the boost you and your kiddo need.

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to boost our children’s nutrition and healthy lifestyle, *cough cough* Little Spoon. But, who said it had to be complicated or unsatisfying? Your kiddo (and you) can still eat the snacks and meals you enjoy by making these 5 simple swaps to add a little more protein and a little more nutrients to your life.  

1. Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt 

Okay, but what’s the difference? Greek yogurt is made from milk that has been cultured, fermented and strained, which results in a creamy and thick texture like in Little Spoon’s Yogurt Smoothies. They offer three flavors using Low fat Greek yogurt – Triple Berry Parfait, Peaches + Cream, and Banana Split. Low fat Greek yogurt is, well, lower in fat but remains a strong source of protein and rich in vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin A and calcium making it extremely nutritious for you and your babe. 

2. Chickpea pasta instead of regular pasta 

Have a gluten-free mini on your hands? Looking to get in more protein? A substitute like Banza Pasta is a great solution. The pasta is made from chickpeas, which has 50% more protein than regular pasta, 3x more fiber and is a great plant-based protein option. It tastes just as delicious with more nutrition and will make you feel good too. 

3. Brown rice instead of white rice 

Let us guess – you go food shopping down the rice aisle and pick up a bag of brown rice because you heard it’s better for you but don’t actually know why? Lucky for you, we have the answer. Brown rice is more nutrient-dense than white rice and rich in fiber, which not only lowers cholesterol but supports you and your little’s gut health to fight off the bad bacteria. All this fiber talk has us thinking, why the heck is it so important? Fiber helps prevent constipation while filling up your tummy for longer. Little Spoon offers a variety of tasty Plates that include brown rice such as Chicken Potstickers, Chicken Teriyaki and more! 

4. Nutritional yeast instead of salt 

Fun fact: nutritional yeast contains *zero* sodium but still gives off the flavor of salt. That’s what we call a win-win. We know parents, you’re probably worried about your little’s sodium intake, which is why Little Spoon incorporates nutritional yeast in some of their Plates to not only give a taste of salt, but sometimes cheesiness as well. You can find it in their Slow-Cooked Bolognese, Chicken Super Nuggets and Broccoli Bites.  

5. Fruit smoothies instead of fruit juices

Fruit juices can be loaded with sugar and if consumed too often in large quantities, can lead to some health concerns like inflammation, diabetes, obesity and more. A good swap here is a delicious and refreshing fruit smoothie, especially the ones made by Little Spoon ;). If your kiddo enjoys a sweet treat, this is a great way to pack in those fruits and veggies without any added sugars to make a nutrient-rich and antioxidant filled snack or meal. Using ingredients like berries, kale, bananas, coconut milk or seeds give a great fiber and potassium boost while being 100% tasty. 


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