4 Healthy Fall Meals for Babies + Toddlers

We love seasonal eats so we rounded up our favorite healthy and easy fall meals for babies and toddlers to enjoy.

Sure, we love summer just as much as the next person, but at the first sign of changing leaves, we’re ready for all things fall. And by all things fall, we really mean the good fall eats. It’s like some switch flips as soon as the weather turns, and suddenly all we can think about are autumnal fruit and veggies. But, fall also happens to be when things start to get REALLY busy around here, what with all the pumpkin patching and cider pressing we’ve committed to. So easy and delish meals that highlight the best that fall has to offer are our go-to for our autumn-loving kiddos. Luckily, Little Spoon has all the fall your kids need.

It’s Pumpkin Season, Babes

Just because your little one is still riding that puree wave doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the yumminess fall has to offer. In fact, if we’re being honest, we dip into a Babyblend or two during fall, too. You know why? Because fall is Pumpkin Spice season, baby! And Little Spoon’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie blend is all of the best of fall in one cute little cup. Perfect pumpkin is paired with the warm spice of cinnamon and nutmeg and just a hint of sweetness from apple and date to make the fall-iest puree you can picture. It pains us to share this one with actual babies, we’re not going to lie. 

Butter Up to Butternut

Looking for a heartier fall treat? Look no further than this Quinoa Butternut Squash Kale Apple Babyblend. Sweet, creamy butternut squash teams up with fall standouts apple and kale for a puree that hits all the right autumn notes. Or you can go simple with Little Spoon’s Butternut Squash puree—it’s like a little pot of the purest butternut squash soup ever, perfect introduction to this fall star for your mini. 

Now, we’re not saying your older kiddos won’t love noshing on these fall blends (we know we do), but they don’t have to miss out on this seasonal experience with their own meals. We’ve got a soft spot for butternut squash and Little Spoon satisfies that with Plates like Mac and Three Cheese with invisible butternut squash and carrots and Broccoli Bites with sweet potato carrot poppers. The buttery, nutty butternut squash goodness may be ‘hidden’ in Little Spoon’s mac and veggie tenders, but the flavor comes through loud and clear. 

Taters in the Perfect Fall Hue

We love sweet potatoes year-around, but given that they’re at their best in the fall, we like to make it a point to eat them as much as possible as we watch the leaves change. Plus, nothing says autumn quite like that pretty orange potato! Babes will love Little Spoon’s Sweet Potato Apple Red Bell Pepper Turmeric Babyblend—that orange comes through loud and clear, and the sweet potato pairs nicely with the warm turmeric. Your bigger kiddos will love the sweet potato mash side on some of Little Spoon’s most popular Plates, like Turkey Rice Balls and Chicken Super Nuggets. With just a hint of maple and cinnamon, this SP mash is a smash. 

You can also take sweet potatoes on the go this fall, so your kiddos always have an autumn snack at the ready. Little Spoon’s new Smoothies line includes a flavor that is basically made for fall: Sweet Potato Carrot Cake. Made with sweet potato, date, and cinnamon and packaged in a convenient pouch with a reattachable top, this Smoothie is the perfect healthy treat on a crisp fall day.

The Perfect Fall Pearing

One of our favorite fruits to enjoy in the autumn months is a juicy pear—they are in peak season through fall, so lucky us! Little Spoon puts all of that pear goodness in their Pear Babyblend, the perfect puree for little ones who are new to solids or older babes who just happen to love pears as much as we do (we see you, babies). But they’re also using pear in another surprising way, in their new Cookies + Cream Smoothie. Imagine a convenient pouch filled with yummy pear, oat milk, dates, chickpeas, and natural cocoa powder. Now imagine trying to keep yourself from eating it instead of sharing it with your kiddos. It won’t be easy, we know. 


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